Jelastic Newsletter – December 22, 2011

| December 22, 2011

Here's our special holiday edition of newsletter on the present we got for you from Jelastic Java PaaS.

High Availability, Sticky Sessions, Session Replication

The promise of the cloud is high availability and scalability, and the promise of platform-as-a-service is ease of configuration.

When you cross the two you get the goodness of the new functionality in Jelastic. A single click of HA button when you set up an environment, and Jelastic goes ahead and sets up clusters for your application servers (Tomcat, GlassFish, Jetty - we got them all covered), configures session replication between cluster nodes, sticky sessions on the load balancer and so on.

So effectively hours of error-prone work are getting automated and performed in minutes, and your application is getting the benefits of highly available configuration!

Read more on how high availability in Jelastic works, or our official press release with the announcement.

More building blocks - CouchDB

We continue to add application servers and databases to the available components in Jelastic environments and are happy to announce CouchDB being now part of Jelastic!

CouchDB is one of the NoSQL databases that we love. It offers increadible quiring speed ability to set masterless replication among instances and much more.

Read our announcement of CouchDB availability in Jelastic and our instructions on using it in Jelastic.

Wider Framework Support - OpenAM and Open BlueDragon

Jelastic 100 px small logoAs you know Jelastic is widely compatible with any Java applications and servers (because we host regular Java application servers and give you access to their configuration).

To help the community we have just published a tutorial on the use of OpenAM federation/access management framework in Jelastic, as well as another tutorial on deploying Open BlueDragon (OpenBD) in Jelastic.

If you are using either OpenAM or OpenBD in your apps - we have just made it easier for you to host them in the cloud!

If there is some other framework that you use in Jelastic - spread the news and please share how you do that. If you try using your framework of choice and get stuck - just contact us via support forums or by replying to this email - we are here to help!

Jelastic now has over 5,000 users

And in case you missed it, we've been growing like crazy effectively doubling every month so we now have over 5,000 developers using Jelastic - you being one of them. Thanks a lot for being with us and spreading the word about Jelastic!

We want to hear from you

Last but not least we want to hear from you!

Specifically, if you have not yet voted on whether we should have Java 6 or Java 7 as the default version of JDK in Jelastic - please do so.

More generically, if you feel like there is still something missing - please do not hesitate to click the Vote for features button at - as you can see from the list of Completed tasks on that screen - we are listening!

And we are always very eager to talk to you via Twitter or Facebook.

Still need help starting with Jelastic? Check out our 2 minute tutorial videos .

Go to Jelastic now and get your apps to the cloud!

We appreciate you using Jelastic. Below are a few links to our Facebook, Twitter, blog and video channel - these are great learning resources and ways to stay in touch. We are also always at our support forums answering any questions that you might have.

Thank you for using Jelastic and providing your feedback.

Happy Holidays!!!

Ruslan Synytskyy,
CEO @ Jelastic, Inc.

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