Jelastic Newsletter – December 2, 2011

| December 2, 2011

Here's a quick update on the new and exciting changes in Jelastic Java cloud computing universe.

First and foremost, Jelastic now has a Maven node that can build your applications in the cloud! This means that instead of uploading your own WAR files each time you change your code (which you can still do directly, or via HTTP/FTP links, Maven and Ant plugins), you can connect the build node to your Git or SVN repository and have your builds done in the cloud for you.

This is certainly very exciting and makes Jelastic even easier to use and integrate into your development processes.

Read the instructions on configuring the build node here.

Wider Framework Support - Railo

As you know Jelastic is widely compatible with any Java applications and servers (because we host regular Java application servers and give you access to their configuration). If you are a Railo fan - check out this Railo in Jelastic tutorial that we put together.

If there is some other framework that you use in Jelastic - spread the news and please share how you do that. If you try using your framework of choice and get stuck - just contact us via support forums or by replying to this email - we are here to help!

More Tutorials

Finally, we are continuing to post examples on how you Jelastic supports our favorite open source applications out of the box with now code changes required. Here are a few:

  • Bug tracking system - YouTrack,
  • Blogging - Apache Roller Weblogger - this one is my favorite because it got published by our community member - Jeroen Kops,
  • Online forums - jforum,
  • Content management system - OpenCMS.

Bottom-line: we are advancing fast and there's a lot more exciting features and enhancements on the way!

And if you feel like there is still something missing - please do not hesitate to click the Vote for features button at - as you can see from the list of Completed tasks on that screen - we are listening!

Still need help starting with Jelastic? Check out our 2 minute tutorial videos .
Go to Jelastic now and get your apps to the cloud!

We appreciate you using Jelastic. Below are a few links to our Facebook, Twitter, blog and video channel - these are great learning resources and ways to stay in touch. We are also always at our support forums answering any questions that you might have.

Thank you for using Jelastic and providing your feedback,

Ruslan Synytskyy,
CEO @ Hivext Technologies Inc.