Jelastic Listed as Cloud Computing Company to Watch by Network World

| March 18, 2014

Jelastic Listed as Cloud Computing Company to Watch by Network World
Great news! Jelastic has been selected as one of the 12 cloud computing companies to watch by the prestigious Network World!
We are joined by other impressive companies such as Docker, Koality, CloudLock, and Digital Ocean.
Below is an excerpt from the article:
Fun Fact: Co-founder Synytsky is a former engineer and programmer for the National Space Agency of Ukraine.
There’s a trend going on in the cloud world that some believe represents a convergence of two major cloud deployment models: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). (Read more: Is the PaaS market as we know it dying?) PaaS is all about cloud-based application development, so the idea is that IaaS and SaaS vendors are making it easier to develop applications for their own environments by partnering with PaaS companies.
Jelastic is a company that embodies that same notion of a converged cloud system, but it wants to cut out the middle man. Instead of an IaaS or SaaS vendor partnering to enable a PaaS, Jelastic has PaaS features built right into its offering. Company officials describe it as “platform-as-infrastructure.”
Some may think that’s just a clever way to get two buzzwords into a single tagline, but the folks at Jelastic say that combining infrastructure management with application management provides end users many advantages compared to using these services separately.
Jelastic sells a software package that can be plugged into an existing environment, on top of bare metal or virtualized hardware, to create a cloud. Unlike an IaaS though, Jelastic monitors and analyzes the applications that are placed in this environment. So, the infrastructure can intelligently scale up or down based on the application’s needs. That is the fundamental advantage of the platform. “It’s virtualization for an entire cluster,” says CEO Derrick. The software handles code management for the cluster, it provisions the resources that application needs. “It’s an IaaS that is guided by the behaviors of the applications,” he explains.
In a recent report about Jelastic, research firm IDC said the company is “well positioned for the future within the PaaS-IaaS continuum.” Jelastic started off selling to service providers, but is now looking to expand into the enterprise market. “Addressing the largest segment — the (enterprise application) code-driven segment — of the PaaS market and the largest segment of the code-driven opportunity (Java apps), Jelastic is also offering a relatively smooth path to migrating Java and PHP apps to the cloud.”
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