Layershift Slash up to 75% off Cloud Hosting Costs with Jelastic PaaS

| May 13, 2014

Our partner Layershift offer managed hosting services with infrastructure in the UK, New York, and Singapore. Today, they announced that they have slashed their Jelastic PaaS pricing, bringing the base cost down from £7.30 per cloudlet to just £4.75 per cloudlet!

Jelastic PaaS from Layershift is now up to 75% cheaper than AWS

Even though AWS is predominantly an IaaS platform (not a PaaS like Jelastic), there’s no denying that they’re the industry benchmark. Many have already discovered that you can save big by switching from AWS to Jelastic, but now you can save even more – Layershift's latest price cuts deliver up to 75% saving just against their basic pricing:
AWS t1.micro instance in EU region with 10GB EBS + 1,000GB/month traffic:
$135.15 / month (approx. £80)
Equivalent Layershift Jelastic PaaS environment (hosted in the UK):
£18.98 / month (75% saving)
The example above assumes 80% server utilisation (which is quite high; even for a small server) – if your usage is actually lower you can potentially save a lot more by using Layershift’s Jelastic PaaS, because unlike AWS, Layershift charge for your actual usage rather than your requested server size.

Additional savings through dynamic scalability

Traditional cloud pricing models force users to buy resources in tiers, with each tier providing more resources with more cost. The drawback of this model is that users requiring small increments of additional resource are forced to go to the next tier, even if that tier far exceeds their requirements.
In contrast, Jelastic’s unique pay-per-use model with dynamic scalability means that users are only charged for the resources they actually use. The user sets minimum and maximum scaling limits to suit their application's needs and budget, with resources dynamically scaled up and down between those limits. This provides significant savings over competitive solutions.
“Jelastic’s goal is to provide software that results in a simpler, more efficient cloud” said John Derrick, Jelastic CEO. “Our unique, dynamic scaling means that customers pay for resources actually used by applications, not for blocks that they have to reserve just in case an application needs to scale. This delivers better value to customers and unique differentiation to our partners, and is just one factor that is making Jelastic a leading solution for hosting service providers across the world.”
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