Jelastic Launches Public Beta in Finland

| November 26, 2012

Jelastic is the world's first truly global PaaS and it keeps captivating developers all around the world with its usability, scalability and efficiency. It is worth mentioning that we allow developers to find the right hosting option for their region. Rejoice, Finnish developers! We have launched Jelastic Beta in Finland with our new partner Planeetta Internet Oy, one of the Northern Europe’s major hosting providers. Planeetta provides a wide range of hosting services including IaaS and Managed Hosting for thousands of SME and Enterprise users.

We saw a lot of interest in Finland for Jelastic, following our recent launches in the US, Russia, Germany, UK, and Japan. So now, we’re available in Finland.

"Jelastic makes it easy and efficient to host Java and PHP sites and applications. You simply deploy your code to the cloud, and leave the server administration to Jelastic," said Lauri Kasti, CEO of Planeetta Internet. "We are thrilled to have Jelastic's PaaS installed in our data center, which will enable cloud services for our Finnish customers that are unable to host overseas because of strict data protection laws."

Finnish developers can try Jelastic 1.8.5 immediately at for free. Now they have a chance to value full compatibility with all major Java software stacks, including Tomcat, GlassFish, and Jetty application servers, as well as with SQL (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) databases. Other great features that have been incorporated into Jelastic are now available for Finns: automated vertical scaling, building in the cloud, managing application lifecycle, public IPs, custom SSL certificates, Elastic VDS, session replication and much more.

Already, over 30,000 users around the globe are using Jelastic. Become a part of our big family today!