Jelastic launches Beta in Russia with partner Rusonyx

By | April 19, 2012
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As part of our commitment to providing a world class, easy to use PaaS, in every part of the world, we have launched our Jelastic beta in Russia with our partner Rusonyx!

True Worldwide PaaS

From the moment we started working on Jelastic, we knew that we wanted to make it available everywhere, not like Google or Amazon, where you are restricted to hosting in certain areas. That was one of the reasons that we decided to work with established, respected, high performance, reliable hosting service providers around the world. A huge issue that you run into if you are trying to use something like GAE, is that all of your data is in the US. This just doesn’t work for a lot of people, for legal and personal comfort reasons.

That’s why we have partnered with Russia’s leading web hosting provider, Rusonyx, to provide Jelastic in Russia. Fully functional. Fully localized. And read to rock-and-roll!

First in Russia

We are the first PaaS provider in Russia, a fast growing and thriving economy. There is a huge tech scene right now in Russia, a rather big part of its economy’s explosive growth. We are excited to be able to offer Jelastic in Russia through such a great hosting partner like Rusonyx.

Try it out!

If you speak Russian (or even if you don’t: you can change language on the fly!), go to and sign up! If you are already signed up, you can try out now!

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  • Moe

    I successfully tested JElastic with different configurations and so far it is truly the best Java PAAS out there. Hopefully you can keep up with the demand you surely are going to have without the excellent service degrading along the way. I guess that’s the challenge that comes with great success and I see no reason why you should not be successful with your service. The idea of using existing data centres/local IT knowledge is indeed great and a nice change from what other vendors are doing. I tested a couple of pages with and and the overall performance is top-notch. So again, I hope it stays top-notch and am going to recommend this to anybody interested. Thanks you for the free beta which was a lot fun so far and all the great tools you provide!