Jelastic Launched Smart Traffic Distribution Add-On for Blue-Green Deployment and Failover Protection

| September 19, 2016

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our latest 4.8 release - Jelastic Morpheus. The main feature of this release is a smart traffic distribution add-on for blue-green deployment, A/B testing of new releases, application high availability and failover protection across multi-cloud environments.

“Jelastic constantly reinforces its PaaS layer by adding hands-off automation services, because developers love to code without spending hours and days on the infrastructure management. The introduced Traffic Distributor is a simple and yet powerful solution that absorbed the best practices for smooth production updates avoiding downtimes,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.jelastic-traffic-distribution

Using this solution, you can implement an advanced traffic routing and get a number of benefits, like:

  • Apply the implicit blue-green deployment or zero-downtime update by redirecting portion or all traffic to a new version of an application
  • Perform ongoing A/B testing by routing part of the traffic to a newer application version to compare performance and UX rates
  • Achieve advanced failover protection and high availability through sharing the load between two fully functional application copies in different cloud regions

" is a proud Jelastic partner. We are continuously trying to offer our customers a simple way to use new and emerging applications and technologies. We see the latest 4.8 release and the addition of the Smart Traffic Distribution Add-On as a welcomed update, adding new functionality to an already superior PaaS," said CEO, Anton Resnick.

Traffic Distributor add-on is available for one-click installation through Jelastic Marketplace, and provides smart traffic routing based on application requirements using the method and distribution ratio specified by the developer or system administrator. There are three different routing methods available out-of-the-box:

  • Round Robin allows to distribute requests one-by-one among the servers with preconfigured priorities and traffic ratio
  • Sticky Sessions method assigns every end user to a specific backend that receives their requests until the corresponding session is live
  • Failover traffic routing allows to redirect the customers to a backup standby server in case of any failure on production server

“Traffic Distributor is another example of real innovation for hosting services. Until recently most buyers of hosting services just assumed that they had an “always up” environment that kept chugging regardless of maintenance events, infrastructure failures, or general Internet outages. These days savvy customers ask us how we can help them achieve optimal uptime. We are pleased to tell them that we can get them there with Jelastic, the leader in advanced hosting technologies”, Rick Lingsch, President of eApps® Hosting.

More details about automated traffic distribution with the help of newly launched add-on, as well as other improvements of Jelastic 4.8 can be found within Release Notes.