Jelastic Jaeger 5.5 Released to Double PaaS Protection and Scaling

| October 2, 2018

Jelastic Jaeger 5.5 version was released to improve the platform functionality with two-factor authentication, enhanced horizontal scaling, UI for access tokens management and a set of other features.platform as a service

“This release gives the users an additional security layer to ensure environments safety, as well as more flexibility while designing and managing horizontal scaling via intuitive UI and cloud scripting automation,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

Jelastic Jaeger 5.5 provides a possibility to set up access based on the two-factor authentication in order to secure the work through dev and admin panels. In addition to that, there was implemented a fully functional user interface for tokens management directly in the dashboard to easily authenticate API integrations.

The newly launched version also contains improvements to horizontal scaling functionality. Now it is possible to explicitly set the scaling mode (stateless or stateful) for each node group in the environment. Stateless mode creates a new node from the base image template with simultaneous scaling. And stateful mode copies file system of the master container into new nodes scaling them sequentially. The first option is comparatively faster, while the second one automatically copies all custom configurations.

"Nowadays just a password is not enough for security. Hackers can test billions of passwords in seconds. In this respect, 2FA is a must-have requirement for any modern system or IT solution. We welcomed this critical feature and were among the first to upgrade to Jaeger 5.5.  Also, MIRhosting team is enthusiastic about cloud scaling improvements and the advantages it provides to our customers," said Alexey Ermak, MIRhosting Technical Director.

Additionally, the current Jelastic release added improvements of the Go application deploy using archive files. The deployment process can be done just in a few clicks by uploading Go project from the local file or using the link to the source.

The full list of Jelastic Jaeger features and bug fixes can be reviewed in Release Notes. This newly launched version can be tried out by registering at one of the upgraded Jelastic service providers.