Jelastic is Now Available on MoldData Cloud

| February 2, 2016

image00Today Jelastic announced MoldData Cloud as their new partner, providing DevOps with containerized PaaS in the Republic of Moldova.

Below is an excerpt from the press release:

“We consider Jelastic as the best platform for us to satisfy the highest demands and needs of our customers. Jelastic is the production-ready solution with support of Docker containers technology, that enables DevOps to build, ship and run distributed applications anywhere. That is why this technology is taken as the main basis for the future business strategy of MoldData. From now MoldData will provide autoscaling feature, - the best argument for the customers who want to pay only for what they consume” said Dorian Bodiu, CTO of S.E. MoldData about their cooperation with Jelastic.

Jelastic enables the DevOps teams to easily create, test and run their projects using the advanced and user-friendly cloud platform. Developers also get full package of advantages from Docker containers, such as smart distribution of containers, automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, full isolation and security as well as high availability. Jelastic is designed to provide the absolute ease of use for developers to create, run and scale applications in the cloud environment.

“We are excited to expand Jelastic Ecosystem with MoldData Cloud, providing the ultimate containerized PaaS to web developers in the Republic of Moldova. Flexible pricing and high performance of MoldData Cloud in combination with Jelastic global technology provide new opportunities and high level of automation for DevOps teams within the local data center.” declared Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO

MoldData Cloud customers value the personalized approach, as well as the high level of service and the best pricing offering within the market. Company offers a lot of services, as Virtual servers, Virtual datacenter, Web projects consulting, Dedicated Servers, Domain registration, Managed hosting, Server Management, Support center and Backup. The location of MoldData Cloud data center will ensure providing services in accordance with national standards of data protection and security, and with 24/7 technical support.  Among the chief goals of MoldData are: performance optimization of users` applications and providing the highly qualified services. They are working with each customer directly to identify the size and type of project, its needs, and the potential growth in order to meet the requirements of each specific business.

With MoldData Cloud solution, developers can value all the benefits of DevOps PaaS, such as:

  • Automatic Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
  • High-Availability
  • Advanced Docker Support
  • Zero-code-changes
  • Clustered Solutions with Multi-Nodes
  • Application Lifecycle Management,
  • Custom and Jelastic SSL (in just a few clicks)
  • SSH Access and open API
  • Marketplace (one-click installation of the most popular applications)

About Jelastic

Jelastic is an enterprise DevOps PaaS for containers deployed on bare metal hardware or any cloud IaaS. Jelastic customers and partners, such as ISVs, hosting service providers, systems integrators, outsourcing companies, DevOps teams and enterprises, can choose between Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud options. The platform provides certified containers for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET and the ability to use custom Docker containers. Jelastic offers agile deployment models without coding to proprietary APIs, flexible automatic scaling for stateless and stateful applications, collaboration, access control, monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, built-in billing and business analytics tools, while driving down TCO with high density and hardware utilization. Jelastic multi-cloud functionality enables customers to achieve high-availability through geo-distribution across different data centers or clouds, easily relocate the projects to the superior hardware with the help of live environment migration, choose between higher quality or more cost affordable hardware and host applications with the trusted cloud vendors. For more information, visit us at

Read the entire press release here.