Jelastic Introduces Industry’s Most Advanced Ruby Support with PaI 2.2

| June 11, 2014

Today, we announced the general availability of Platform-as-Infrastructure (PaI) 2.2. The new version broadens Jelastic’s enterprise cloud and multi-language PaaS capabilities by adding the industry’s most comprehensive Ruby support, a new API combined with the industry’s only GUI for improved simplicity for developers, and a one-click app marketplace. Because of the new improvements that PaI 2.2 offers, Ruby architects and developers can deploy new or legacy applications to the cloud without any code changes, providing them with a scalable, highly-available and secure environment in seconds, making it ideal for more demanding agile development and DevOps practices.

Below is an excerpt of the press release

Jelastic PaI 2.2 offers several new key product features including:

  • BYOA for Java, PHP and now Ruby - Only Jelastic PaI 2.2 offers a “Bring Your Own App” feature that supports any Ruby app, Ruby version or library engine including Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Rack, Ramaze, Exex.JS, all ruby gems, JRuby and GIT/SVN, without the need to change or recode, eliminating vendor lock-in and saving countless hours of recoding.
  • High-performance Ruby support - Jelastic offers the latest Ruby app servers with load balancing for the highest performance. For example, Jelastic offers fast, easy configuration of Unicorn, Puma or Passenger with NGINX via the GUI or API.
  • Unlike other PaaS providers, Jelastic’s Ruby support offers full access to configuration files for performance tuning and customization, providing leading flexibility for developers and DevOps.

“Enterprises need cloud solutions they can begin using on day one, not one thousand and one, or even one hundred and one,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CTO of Jelastic. “Supporting Java, PHP and now Ruby continues our commitment to simplify development and deployment of applications in the cloud, providing immediate ROI for enterprises worldwide.”
The full release can be viewed here.
Over the coming weeks, we will post articles specific to the new features in Jelastic PaI (2.2) including:

  • SFTP and FISH Protocols for Accessing Jelastic Containers via SSH
  • How to deploy a PHP App Remotely via Capistrano Tool Using SSH Access
  • Hosting a Diaspora Ruby App in Jelastic
  • Collaborate your Jelastic Account with Other Team Members in Order to Improve Internal Processes
  • Manage your Jelastic Account and Shared Environments within Collaboration
  • API support in Jelastic and use/implementation/examples
  • Python Hosting in Jelastic, How to Deploy DjangoCMS