Jelastic has more than 10,000 users!

| March 8, 2012

You might already know this. We've been dropping hints about it for the last few weeks. And we are actually quite a bit over 10,000 now. But we did want to stop and take note of this important milestone. So how much is 10,000? I put together a couple photos of what 10,000 people in a group looks like to get an idea:

This 1st one was at Youth Forum in Russia:

This 2nd one was at a jogging event in Wuhan, China:

Though we probably won't get everyone into a room together, it is cool to think about how many of us there are. That said, we are well over 10,000 now. We are actually closer to 12,000!

Thank You!

It is because of you that we are growing so fast. If you weren't telling your friends and recommending Jelastic to people you know, we wouldn't have got to 10,000 nearly as fast we did.

Thank you.


The Jelastic Team