Jelastic and GMV Align to Provide Advanced Cloud Solutions

| December 9, 2014

Two innovative companies collaborate to provide continuous integration and deployment of services and applications in private and hybrid cloudsGMV and Jelastic Partner

Today we announced our partnership with technology business group GMV, enabling them to offer their customers advanced cloud options. The agreement with Jelastic means that GMV now has a technology partner to facilitate advanced solutions to their clients in the field of Cloud Computing, mainly in continuous integration and deployment of services and applications in private and hybrid clouds.

Below is an excerpt of the press release

"Our cooperation with GMV is a perfect step forward in strengthening our Private Cloud direction and it will help us to enlarge our business opportunities within EU and Latin America markets. GMV is an important IT company that is servicing a large number of industries such as banking, insurance, defense, security, healthcare, telecommunications, and information security, and we are providing them with IT solutions and services to meet their needs," said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic, “GMV is intending to use Jelastic Private Cloud for its internal development and testing processes. They will also offer Jelastic Private Cloud to customers that are looking for a cost beneficial and effective solution to cloudify their management and development processes."
Before deciding on the alliance, GMV thoroughly tested Jelastic's solution. They deployed applications on its platform and observed the various functions and the performance Jelastic provides. By doing this, they found a perfect balance between ease of use, the functionalities within Jelastic, the performance results and the roadmap ahead, including Docker support.
“The alliance with Jelastic will allow us to continue offering technologically advanced solutions to our customers, with shorter development time and giving them greater horizontal and vertical scalability. The integration of our development tools with their platform will give us a quantum leap in the improvement of safety related processes and software quality. Jelastic offers a pioneer cloud platform with total integration between PaaS and IaaS in the frame of the technologies GMV dominates. We are convinced that collaboration between the two companies is perfect,” said Miguel Hormigo, Director of Southern Regional Delegation of GMV Secure e-Solutions.
By partnering with Jelastic, GMV plans to solve issues related to the elasticity and process improvement in software development. With improved elasticity, they will have scalable solutions on demand, optimization of infrastructure and investment in hardware for their customers, capacity management and understand resource consumption, in real time. With process improvement, they will solve problems related to the continuous software development cycle, such as task automation, incorporating checks and audits, service orchestration, deployment in different environments and optimization step production. The solution Jelastic has, by integrating PaaS + IaaS will undoubtedly help GMV to solve these problems.
The complete release can be viewed here.