Jelastic Expanded US Partnership with eApps Hosting Service Provider

| November 11, 2015

123Today Jelastic has announced partnership with eApps, leading US hosting service provider. Since 1996, eApps Hosting has offered application hosting and was one of the first three Tomcat hosting providers in the world. We are excited that from now, eApps will provide a container-based, fast and user-oriented hosting environment, designed for developers, with auto-scaling capabilities and a “pay for what you use” billing model.

Below is an excerpt of the press release

"Jelastic’s Platform as a Service is designed for developers and is rock solid for production. Our customers want to deploy their web apps efficiently and don’t want to worry about the operation of the site. Jelastic meets both of these needs. The rich tool set and integration with IDEs and repositories saves our developer’s time. The high performance, auto-scaling environment saves money and eliminates worries. Jelastic is a win-win-win scenario - an ideal solution for our developers, the site owners, and eApps Hosting." said Richard Lingsch, eApps President and CEO.

Jelastic is an innovative company, which helps Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby and .NET developers to fulfill their projects with the best user-friendly cloud platform. This Cloud Platform enables developers to benefit from containers (including Docker) by evolving CI/CD processes with simplification of the initial configuration of dev environments, as well as preparation of test, staging, and production environments. Development of highly available and auto-scalable applications is much easier and faster within the platform that provides the advanced level of automation.

“We are proud to become partners with eApps. This partnership promises to be of high success in the USA cloud hosting market due to such strong points of eApps as highly available data centers, front line 24x7x365 support by a technically skilled team, and also free "On-ramp assistance" for new customers ” said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic.

eApps’ support operation consists of an in­house staff of front line system administrators with application hosting knowledge. The 100% SSD eApps Platform as a Service, powered by Jelastic, is available in a top tier data center in Dallas, Texas with more locations planned.

eApps serves over 5000 customers in 125+ countries from data centers located in Atlanta, GA, Richmond, VA, and Dallas, Texas. In addition to the Jelastic PaaS eApps provides a broad range of cloud hosting services for mission-critical applications, enterprise-grade email and backup services, and managed services.

Read the complete release here.