Jelastic Delivers the Cutting-Edge DevOps Cloud to DataCenter Finland Customers

| August 4, 2016

We are thrilled to announce new partnership with DataCenter Finland, aimed to deliver an innovative Cloud solution to European developers on top of highly-productive hardware. The partnership enables Finnish users with a comprehensive and automated platform, providing a number of features, aimed to satisfy the most demanded DevOps needs:

  • Fully elastic scalability (automatic vertical and horizontal scaling)DataCenter
  • Rapid environments setup
  • One-click deployment
  • Flexible Pay-as-you-Go pricing
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • A wide set of software stacks
  • Docker containers support
  • Data Storage Container

DataCenter Finland will offer Asgard 4.7, the newest version of Jelastic platform, providing the improved data sharing and optimized disk space consumption.

“We are glad to welcome an enterprise level DataCenter Finland within Jelastic Cloud Union. This partnership comes just in time, when demand on the market is growing and there is a solution to meet the requirements of European developers by offering flexible cloud platform on top of secure and highly-performing infrastructure,” says Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic.

DataCenter Finland, a Finnish high-usability data center service provider, is offering new freedom to developers with a turnkey cloud Platform-as-a-Service and Container-as-a-Service.

“With Jelastic we complement our services, skills,  and the data center environment. We bring world-class, globally tested and highly effective concepts to our customers. This partnership supports our strategy in growing and expanding our international footprint”, says Ilmari Vallo, CEO of DataCenter Finland.

During spring 2016, DataCenter Finland has offered Jelastic in beta phase and the overall reception among DevOps teams has been very enthusiastic. Developers and technical executives have found the use of Jelastic very effortless and appreciated the short time-to-market possibilities it brings. The Finnish and international customers have an opportunity to benefit from the automation of the platform, high security of data center in Finland and advanced local support at a very competitive price.