Jelastic Customers are Visionaries!

| July 24, 2014

Reto GiezendannerRecently, we announced the launch of Jelastic's Marketplace with 250+ apps to choose from!  Jelastic will automatically create an environment and install your chosen app in just one-click.

One of our customers, innofield (branding their PaaS offering as Flow App Engine) actually requested this feature back in 2012 and we delivered - because it was a GREAT idea and we actually listen to our customer's requests.  I caught up with Reto Giezendanner, Founder & Cloud Architect at innofield, to see how things are going in the land of the Swiss cloud.

Can you tell us why one-click installations of popular apps will benefit your customers?

1. I would say, it's not just the "one-click" feature, it's more the possibility to always have the newest versions of these Apps. Softaculous is specialized exactly in this area, and the synergy between them and the Jelastic Platform is just great!

2. The second, it's of course the added value for new and current end-customers which have a big choice of already pre-packed Apps and which finally can be installed with just "one-click".

Can you name the top 5 apps you think will be most popular in the Marketplace?

Magento, OwnCloud, Typo3, Drupal and Symfony 2.

How long have you been a Jelastic customer?

Since 16. May 2013.

How has Jelastic changed your business?

Jelastic (Flow App Engine) has opened us a new door in to the innovative and intelligent Web-Application Hosting area. The customer feedback is absolutely positive and the Swiss Software and Developer community is adopting it.

Are you seeing a new type of customer based on the platform?

Yes. Especially Swiss-based Software agencies are a typical new customer base, which don't have technical skills or resources to operate their own platform for their apps. They love the easy-of-use with the intuitive GUI, which is (according to them) unique in the PaaS area.

What about customers that are not located in Switzerland?

We are seeing a lot of non-Swiss-based customers are using our service (Flow App Engine) because of the guaranteed data location in Switzerland.

What other features would you like to see us implement?

An update mechanism for existing containers. For example: an easy way to update an existing Apache/Tomcat/DB-Server container to the newest build.

What is the best advance on the platform since you joined our family?

SUPPORT TEAM is just AWESOME! A big compliment to the guys. Of course also the Marketing Team 😉

Thanks Reto!