Jelastic Cloud Union. Reveal the Power of Choice in Cloud Hosting

| November 10, 2015

mapCloudJelastic launched a partner catalog with about forty hosting providers that are offering Jelastic Public PaaS and Virtual Private Cloud for DevOps to their end-customers around the world. When choosing cloud hosting, businesses  have lots of requirements as they need a rich set of features, high uptime, guaranteed backup, professional customer support and at the same time this should suit their budget. The aim of Jelastic Cloud Union is to ease  the choice of service providers by offering a distinctive comparison of the core options required for hosting.

Jelastic is an enterprise DevOps PaaS for containers deployed on bare metal hardware or any IaaS. It is commercially offered during the last 5 years and already covered about 30 countries. Jelastic customers and partners, such as ISVs, hosting service providers, systems integrators, outsourcing companies, DevOps teams and enterprises, can choose between Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud options. The platform provides certified containers for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET and the ability to upload custom containers as Dockers. Jelastic offers agile deployment models, flexible automatic scaling for stateless and stateful applications, the maximum application density, disaster recovery, collaboration and access control tools, billing and business analytics tools, while driving down TCO with high density and hardware utilization.

But we learned that cloud business is not only about software and automation. It’s also about the residence of a cloud service provider and the location of a data center, different regulation laws related to personal data, tax issues, latency and network issues, performance of hardware, quality of support, mentality and language, different kinds of certifications, security concerns and other factors including the expensive cost of cloud resources.

Below you can see what options customers consider important while choosing hosting provider due to the voting we had before.


As a result, end customers need to do a deep analysis before they deploy  a complex project with a specific cloud service provider. They need some historical metrics of uptime and performance, to filter service providers by location and the security assurances they provide, and of course to find the needed quality of services and support.

To solve above mentioned problems, Jelastic has released Cloud Union catalog. It includes all the hosting providers Jelastic partners with and lists the required information like quality of support and SLA, hardware performance, pricing, location of data centers and other options that are crucial for the right choice. Using the filters and sorting every customer can find the best cloud provider that meets their requirements.


“Jelastic partner ecosystem is rapidly growing. The Cloud Union already offers the biggest choice of data centers for public and hybrid PaaS around the world. It becomes a challenge to choose the right cloud service provider. The catalog solves this problem and will help end customers to find the best place for their applications,” Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO

Among the other core aspects, you can see Jelastic evaluation of the hosting providers by the partnership levels that are gained based on support, revenue and marketing results. Recently the following hosting providers got the upgrades: dogado, Elastx and Layershift to Platinum, innofield, Hostnet  and REG.RU to Gold, EverData and Under to Silver. Separate congratulations to EverData who won the upgrade thanks to the customers voting!

Let us highlight all leaders:


The data in the catalog is going to be dynamic showing updates due to the increased/decreased results of the hosting provider. Currently the performance was evaluated based on the tests that were run on each platform to measure the time of environment creation and application deployment, uptime and other criteria. The mark for support is provided due to the users’ feedback and technical expertise of the hosters’ support teams. You can influence these marks by providing your feedback to Jelastic team (write us to In the future we plan to add voting to this catalog for you to leave your feedback right on the site.

"With growing regulations, data residency is of increasing importance to customers who need to deliver functionality while complying with local laws. This catalog promises to help customers match their specific business requirements with appropriate cloud service providers while leveraging the Jelastic platform" said Larry Carvalho, Research Manager, Platform as a Service at IDC

CloudUnionThe catalog got a newly launched domain due to the .CLOUD Pioneer program. The term "Cloud” resonates with audiences beyond the world of hosting and is synonymous with sharing, interaction, content, innovation and creativity. This makes a .cloud domain a perfect choice for Jelastic Cloud Union.

Feel free to visit Jelastic Cloud Union catalog and make your choice. Please let us know if you require any additional information to be added to the profiles of hosting service providers. Share your experience in selecting the right hosting for your business in the comments below.