Jelastic Named Cloud Service Provider of the Year at Datacloud Awards 2019

| June 11, 2019

Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS has been honored with the title “Cloud Service Provider of the Year” at the ceremony of Datacloud Global Awards 2019 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Last week BroadGroup, the information media technology and professional services company, officially announced the winners in 16 categories.

This prestigious nomination was held for the 12th time with the judges comprised of professionals from the industry in order to recognise the products and companies that demonstrate cloud innovation, data centre and service excellence.

Datacloud is performing a critical role as an international networking for key market players. The agenda is covering cloud challenges, data center infrastructure enhancements and edge evolution. This event attracts business leaders and investors who use this annual meeting for making deals and new connections for the further partnership.

“The Awards in Monaco are now widely regarded as the only globally recognized accolades for the datacenter, cloud and Edge eco-system, and reflect the tremendous success and achievements in diversity, innovation and excellence,” said Philip Low, chairman of BroadGroup and executive supervisor of the Datacloud Awards.

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Jelastic team is pleased to be recognized as an industry leader and glad to share the core product advances, as well as some crucial business steps made from the very start of the company creation. Let’s explore why Jelastic PaaS became an award winner and named Cloud Service Provider of the Year.


Jelastic is using a unique business model for the cloud platform - it is delivered to customers through independent and distributed network of cloud hosting providers but not on own hardware or data centers. Each partner offers the same UI and API enabling customers to easily mix and match service providers according to the project needs.

As a result, Jelastic PaaS is already available on about 60 data centers worldwide and the number of available locations is constantly growing. Also, there is the option to install the platform on top of popular clouds such as AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean and others. This extends the list of available locations while providing abstraction for unification and interoperability across the clouds.

Jelastic is advocating the next generation of cloud computing billing model based on the real usage and not on the allocated limits. The company became a pioneer of “pay-as-you-use” (or so-called “pay-per-use”) pricing model in cloud hosting market. With granular automatic vertical scaling inside containers, users pay only for actually consumed resources forgetting right-sizing problem and having no need to reserve capacity beforehand or overpay for the limits.

In addition, Jelastic prototyped and sponsored development of a patch to OpenJDK which improves elasticity and enables automated vertical scaling of Java applications. The offered solution is already implemented in the OpenJDK 12. As a result, the company was awarded with Duke’s Choice Award 2018 for technological advancement in Java.

Jelastic is one of the first projects that offered production ready containers based platform even before Docker containers appeared and became widely adopted. It supported system containers for stateful applications from the first days, and extended the product line with application containers when noticed the growing demand in cloud-native microservices.      

End users can easily run their new projects or migrate enterprise applications to the cloud. People are not forced to use any specific architectural design - stateless or stateful – customers can use both of them within Jelastic. Any application can be deployed with zero code change and then scaled horizontally or vertically.

One more innovation from Jelastic is the ability to migrate containers across clouds in a live mode without downtime. This seamless experience of moving workloads between clouds opens up a new level of freedom and drastically reduces the risk of lock-in saving human efforts and costs spent on migration process.


The product was built based on the need in automation for complex deployments, scaling and management of clustered solutions in cloud hosting industry. Jelastic provides a full freedom of choice and intends not to limit people in technologies, resources, location of data centers or anything of the kind. Today the platform provides the out-of-box support of Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, Go, as well as Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters in public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud.

PaaS improves efficiency of resource utilization by using container technology, as well as automatically hibernates inactive applications and releases unused resources back to the pool, automatically deduplicates memory and storage resources, and enables live migration of containers across hardware nodes for load rebalancing without downtime and impact on customer applications.

And such unique Jelastic feature as automatic vertical scaling inside containers lets people pay only for actually used resources but not for the limits, as in case of VPS hosting or VM providers today. Business model of the first generation cloud providers is often tied with overselling resources, so when Jelastic has introduced a new model, where people just pay for what they use, it became highly welcomed among the customers and recognized as a big shift to a higher cloud efficiency.

Many companies need to keep data locally, inside the country to comply with different regulation laws. Jelastic partners with service providers across the globe for customers to be able to choose data center in the needed region to meet the requirements of the data protection rules. For more convenience, Jelastic created a filter of all certified public cloud partners with the evaluation of performance and support, details on location and price -


Forrester listed Jelastic as one of the major Public Cloud Development Platforms along with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud as a full-stack cloud platform provider.

The list of Jelastic customers includes companies from software development, e-commerce, finance, manufacturing, gaming, retail and other areas. For example, Jahia, FA Solutions, Miele, GMV,, G5 and other use cases.

Using business model based on partnership, Jelastic directly works with about 50 service providers worldwide, among them Layershift, Elastx, Data Center Finland, Hidora, eApps, Trendhosting, Infomaniak, MassiveGRID, innofield, and many others.

Being a turnkey cost effective solution with worldwide presence, Jelastic provides excellence in cloud services with real global impact that is proven by won awards, as well as success stories of customers and partners worldwide. Interested to become Jelastic partner? Send the request. Want to try this cloud product for free? Register at one of the service providers.