WIN Your VIP Access to FabriqueC within WHD.usa

| September 4, 2017

world hosting days 2017 las vegas

Being a World Hosting Days admirer, Jelastic became a Gold Partner of WHD.usa 2017, the main hosting industry event in North America. This autumn more than 1000 attendees and 60 partners will come together on September 11-12, Las Vegas, to figure out how digital technologies can change our future.

A conference gathers hosting and cloud professionals so you have a terrific opportunity to learn about the latest advancements, hear interesting keynotes, and network with their peers.

There is no better place to grow your business and enjoy outstanding parties - this time Lords of Uptime, the hosting all star band is going to rock the cloud on Monday 11th at 8pm.

Also, we are thrilled to share that this year WorldHostingDays presents the world premiere of the cloud documentary film festival - FabriqueC . The first in a series of cloud film festivals, FabriqueC will focus on educating the public about the complexities and technological revolutions happening in the Cloud Service and Domain industries. Soeren von Varchmin, President at WHD has a simple & funny explanation regarding this festival - “We want to support movies, that we can watch with our mother in law and she understands what we are doing for a living” 🙂whd.usa tropicana las vegas meeting with jelastic ceo Ruslan Synytsky

Do you want to get a broader understanding of technology’s impact on daily life in a fun, interesting, and informative way? Book a meeting with Jelastic CEO Ruslan Synytsky and win a VIP place at this remarkable film festival!

Date: 12 September, 6:30pm

Place: Havana Room, Tropicana, Las Vegas

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