Jelastic at 2016: Impressions and Results

| March 29, 2016

It’s high time to share our impressions from 2016. This year Jelastic became a Platinum partner of the conference, as well as has been highlighted at the main stage that brought us great visibility and active networking. So we are glad to show how Jelastic spent these WHD days.

Space Stand, Spaceman and Virtual Space Journey

Jelastic is reaching for the stars! Our space stand attracted lots of visitors, so we’ve got many new contacts, as well as met our old friends. Between busy talks, some were brave enough to have a trip to galaxy with a help of virtual reality glasses.

Of course, no one could miss the chance to make a photo with a real spaceman 🙂

Special thanks to MIRhosting for being with us at the stand providing a special reselling offer, as well as cute drones to the attendees.

Main Stage Speech

Ruslan Synytsky had a speech at the main stage about business on containers – Turn Containers into Money Making Machine: DevOps, Docker, PaaS.
Full house, lots of questions and visitors at our stand afterwards - great result!

Here you can see Ruslan’s presentation.

Partner Session

Jelastic organized a special internal session for our hosting service providers to discuss our achievements and plans, new reselling program, upcoming technical features, steps to grow the business and much more. That was a pleasure to see around forty people gathered together with common aims and wishes. Thank you, dear partners, for being the part of our Cloud Union!

Stand Sessions

During the conference days, we were holding a set of sessions about current trends in clouds and Jelastic solutions due to customers demands. So here we are happy to share two presentations that will provide more in-depth understanding of the Docker containers popularity and Jelastic Platform peculiarities:
Docker and DevOps Trends in Hosting Industry

Jelastic Turnkey Cloud PaaS for Hosting Business

Launch of Cooper Release

During the conference, we announced a new release of Jelastic with a special reselling program for hosting providers and MSPs to offer DevOps platform with the support of Docker containers without upfront investments. You can review a full version of the release here.

New Partnership

And like the final flourish of this conference, we signed a new contract with the hosting service provider from Germany. Welcome on board!
This conference was really fruitful and full of emotions. See you next time at WHD.usa!
Stay tuned to see the upcoming updates.