Jelastic and WHMCS Integration: PaaS with Full Billing Control for Hosting Providers

| May 30, 2017

Hosting providers can integrate their WHMCS accounts with Jelastic Platform to upsell customers with managed PaaS, Docker hosting and auto scalable VPS having full billing control within one panel

Today Jelastic Cloud PaaS launched a WHMCS extension to ease billing integration with the cloud for hosting providers.

“This collaboration lets hosting providers offer new services, unique on their market, and at the same time bypass barriers of billing system integration. The solution is already proven by service providers worldwide and we are glad to open it for wider usage via WHMCS marketplace,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

Hosting service providers can offer additional products and services to their clients using Jelastic Cloud PaaS. This extension allows to easily integrate with Jelastic Platform API and upsell customers with:

  • Managed PaaS (Java, PHP, Node.JS, Ruby, Python and .NET / ASP.NET)
  • Docker® Standalone Engine and Clustered Swarm hosting
  • Auto-scalable Elastic VPS
  • 100+ easy-to-install applications

“Extending functionality and working with great teams like Jelastic, provides WHMCS clients and hosting providers new opportunities to expand their portfolio of services and offer new types of solutions to their customers.” said Matt Pugh, CEO of WHMCS

The feedback of hosting service providers with installed Jelastic platform, who use WHMCS billing system to handle the payments from their customers, describes the possibilities of this extension:

“We have been using the Jelastic WHMCS billing extension right from the start. It allowed us to leverage an existing billing platform we were already using instead of having to spawn "yet another" platform to manage. The system works well and has been stable. We're offering CC, Paypal and Bitcoin using WHMCS and the response from customers have been great with minimal issues as the customers also know the WHMCS platform. Billing for resources is stable and reliable.” Anton Resnick, WebHosting.

“The installation process is very smooth and it fully integrates with the most advanced billing features such as auto-refill. In addition, it is possible to customize the invoicing templates and also improve user experience by allowing customers to make payments without leaving the Jelastic dashboard.” Theodoros Filippidis, Scaleforce.

“We have fully convergent billing integration of Jelastic and VAS services (domains, SSL, etc) with easy-to-use interface of WHMCS. We can provide both post- and pre-paid models of service to our users.” Evgeniy Kozhuhovskiy, MyCloud.

“We use this plugin to manage billing and recharge of our Jelastic platform, Hidora and it works very nice! Was easy to integrate PayPal, Credit card platform, bank transfers, etc. Our customers are very happy to get a beautiful invoice with their account. It was very simple to make the integration between Jelastic and WHMCS.” Matthieu ROBIN, Hidora.

“With the help of Jelastic Cloud PaaS Extension for WHMCS, Safozi was able to provide a fully automated PaaS. The billing system extension allows managing customers, tickets, orders, payments etc. from one single UI,” Zied Ouled Ali, SAFOZI.

More details and step-by-step instructions on installation of Jelastic Cloud PaaS Extension for WHMCS can be found within WHMCS marketplace.

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