Jelastic and SAFOZI United to Accelerate DevOps Cloud Solution in Africa and Middle East

| December 7, 2016

Safozi and Jelastic cloudWe are thrilled to announce SAFOZI, Tunisian Cloud Hosting Provider, as a new member of Jelastic Cloud Union. SAFOZI launched Jelastic with P4D – Platform for Developers, allowing users to easily create, develop and bring to market applications per click. With Jelastic product, SAFOZI intends to create and lead the PaaS market in emerging Middle East and African countries within the next 2 - 3 years.
We recognize a worldwide growing need for a DevOps cloud hosting with an exclusive pay as you use approach, and glad that SAFOZI strengthens Jelastic presence in Africa and Middle East. The aim of this alliance is to assure local developers that deploying, running and managing applications can be easy and cost-effective,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO at Jelastic.
Africa remains to be the most unique region in the world, where Cloud services are not explored and widely presented despite the need and where global players haven’t occupied the IT market yet. A tremendous growth potential accompanied with huge revenues is ready to come within the next few years.
“SAFOZI works hard on improving an easy access to Cloud-based ICT Infrastructure (Servers, CDN and Dev Environments) in emerging markets, like North & West Africa, Middle East. Therefore, we decided to partner with the best Cloud PaaS and CaaS to fulfill this mission and extend the regional focus to a much bigger market with hilarious growth potential. The partnership brings together Technology, Marketing, Market Know-how… in a few words all success factors are gathered to succeed in our mission,” declared SAFOZI CEO, Zied Ouled Ali.
There is a big need in Platform-as-a-Service in Africa and Middle East especially for DevOps. Commonly, PaaS services are provided by global players and don’t meet the requirements of local market specifications, such as local currency payments, native-speaking support team, high costs not common for the specific region etc. SAFOZI, parent company of P4D, had been looking for an outstanding technology partner that will help to solve all such issues and Jelastic appeared to be the best solution, providing the single intuitive dashboard, that allows customers to choose among Java, PHP, Ruby, .NET, Node.js and Python languages, enable load balancing and high availability, choose the versions of stacks and set up the scaling limits for resources, needed for continuous functioning of customers` applications. With P4D on top of Jelastic developers pay only for what they consume and avoid overpaying for unused resources. And all these benefits are going to be provided locally according to the needs of the developers.
P4D provides 14 days trial period - try it now for free.