Jelastic and MassiveGRID Spread Scalable Application Hosting with Advanced High Availability Worldwide

| April 6, 2017

Today we announced a partnership with MassiveGRID LTD., new hosting partner with data centers in New York, London, and Singapore.

MassiveGRID, a worldwide high-end Service Provider with extended hands-on experience in the fields of hosting, turn-key service solution & development, started cooperation with Jelastic in order to enrich their service portfolio and enter the PaaS business, by offering a scalable, flexible and highly-available application hosting for developers.

Multi-Cloud hosting provider

“MassiveGRID partnered with Jelastic to provide customers with High Availability on a service level, keeping them out from hardware infrastructure configurations and complex SysAdmin tasks. We are offering pure service access through Jelastic wide portfolio of 100+ applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many others, currently available through the Marketplace. We are confident that a combination of HA and PaaS is a key to success,” said Bill Stoidis, MassiveGRID’s CEO.

MassiveGRID PaaS offers a peace-of-mind experience to developers and companies who need to host their applications on a reliable platform with all the necessary tools available. Developers can design, develop, run, and manage applications without a need to build and maintain the associated infrastructure. The platform provides automatic scalability, that scales applications vertically and horizontally during load spikes.

Within Jelastic intuitive UI developers receive user-friendly application topology wizard, deployment manager and CI/CD tools integration. One more proof of automation goes ahead with Jelastic Marketplace, that provides a rich set of preconfigured applications for one click installation. The Jelastic ecosystem offers a hassle-free experience to any developer, who will be paying only for the resources consumed.

“We are excited to reinforce Jelastic worldwide presence with high-end service provider MassiveGRID. A new partnership unleashes great opportunities for customers with business critical services who are looking for highly available and performing turnkey cloud hosting in the USA, the United Kingdom, and Singapore,”  said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO and Co-founder.

MassiveGRID PaaS is initially available through their highly available data centers in New York, London & Singapore and they plan to open even more regions within Jelastic Multi-Cloud soon. Try out a scalable cloud hosting with MassiveGRID for free during a 14 day trial period.