Jelastic and Click&Cloud Join Forces to Satisfy French Cloud Market with High-Level Services

| January 6, 2016

3Today we are happy to announce a new partnership with Click&Cloud, the French hosting provider well recognized under Owentis brand. Owentis has 20 years of experience at the French IT market and is well known for its expertise in Cloud Computing. 

“We are pleased to provide a new Cloud service, Jelastic PaaS solution, to our existing clients as well as to the French market.”, said Philippe Rèbre, Owentis CEO. “Jelastic is the best partner for us, as it provides a production-ready solution, that introduces the real use of containers to our customers. Our platform enables high availability, supports Docker container technology and offers highly flexible pricing. From our side we are ready to provide the advanced hosting expertise, high performance, wide variety of cloud services and experienced technical support, - all these factors will help us to satisfy our clients` requirements and make our partnership with Jelastic successful.”

Jelastic helps DevOps teams to create, test and publish their projects with advanced and user-friendly cloud platform. With Jelastic, developers get a full range of benefits from Docker containers, such as smart distribution of containers, automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, full isolation and security as well as high availability. Developers can easily host and manage different types of applications or services within the platform getting an advanced level of automation.

“We are happy to welcome Click&Cloud as a new member of Jelastic Cloud Union. French market shows high interest in the latest IT trends like DevOps, Docker, Cloud PaaS, so this offering will be just in time. Click&Cloud provides their customers the latest Jelastic version with all benefits of advanced Docker containers and automation of project management within our Cloud PaaS. I'm convinced that this hosting service provider will fully satisfy the needs of the developers, providing high availability of their projects and a top-level local support.” declared Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

Click&Cloud has data centers in France, Singapore, and Hong Kong. This distributed location can be used for reaching high availability within multi-cloud. With its French data center, Click&Cloud is able to supply services in accordance with national high standards of data protection and security with 24/7 technical support. They accompany its customers in all their outsourcing and digital projects providing easy to use PaaS, that increases the efficiency of developers, administrators, and IT managers.

DevOps teams have the power to develop and run their applications, and get a real guarantee of resource autoscaling up and down with cost optimization. Click&Cloud users do not need to care about maintenance, management and patching the operating system. They can focus on writing programs. Jelastic platform supports Docker containers, as well as the most popular programming languages: PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js and .NET.

Click&Cloud PaaS solution meet such requirements of companies as efficiency, access to secure and high-performance infrastructure, elasticity and cost control. High level of automation through application lifecycle and a full set of required technologies integrated to the system by default make Click&Cloud a complete turnkey cloud on the French market and abroad.

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