Java USA Tour 2017: Non-Stop Experience Sharing and Fun

| May 5, 2017

This is already a tradition for Jelastic to be a part of Java tours visiting JUGs around the world, discussing the needs of developers, sharing the experience and finding the demanded solutions together. And this time we are going to the USA!
Java USA Tour 2017

JUGs Tour Schedule

It will be a non-stop trip started in Austin the 9th of May. Get acquainted with our impressive schedule and register to visit the meetup in your city:

JUGs Tour Schedule

Speakers and Topics

MassiveGRID (Jelastic hosting partner), Oracle, SouJava and Tomitribe are joining the forces to organize this tour on a high level with informative topics and interesting speakers:

  • Bruno Souza, Java Champion
  • Otavio Santana, Java Champion
  • Yolande Poirier, Java Community Manager
  • Ean Schuessler, Open Source Developer
  • Leonardo Lima, JCP Spec Lead

Java speakers

During this USA JUG tour there will be covered the hottest topics connected with JavaEE, NoSQL, DevOps, Containers, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Java SE 9, Robotics and Internet of Things. Also, there will be discussed the activities of Java User Groups and Java Community in general, as well as the issues that influence Java developer career and can help to grow professionally.

The chief speaking sessions:

  • Java in the Cloud

The 3 most important secrets when running Java in the Cloud!

  • Code it, Ship it! DevOps and Containers

5 tips to ship your code faster and reduce the stress of your project that you can apply immediately.

  • NoSQL, no Limits, lots of Fun!

Use the best open source NoSQL technologies to create powerful and scalable solutions.

  • You got your Browser in my Virtual Machine! Impersonating Javascript environments in the Java VM

Sharing validation logic and system state management between client and server is a very common need. Learn how sophisticated browser programming models can help you bridge the gap between your JavaScript and Java codebases.

  • Java and the Internet of Things
  • 5 Mistakes Java Developers Make that Prevent them from Growing in their Careers

Learn the easy things you can do to prevent getting stuck in your Java Developer career.

  • Java Community Insider Secrets

The secrets of Java Champions and Java Rock Stars, that you can apply today, in whatever project you are working on.

Special Offer

Everyone who registers for the USA Java meetups will have a possibility to install auto scalable GlassFish and TomEE clusters, WildFly with preconfigured continuous deployment, Couchbase inside Docker, replicated PostgreSQL or MySQL databases and a set of other clustered solutions totally for free on top of MassiveGRID, Jelastic hosting partner with data center in the USA.

USA Java meetups

Also, the subscribers will get a possibility to learn more about Java EE 8 from the first hands, as we’ll be sharing a series of interviews with the top Java EE developers in the world within the project “Java EE 8 – The Next Frontier“.

Register to Join the Tour!

Join the USA Java Tour 2017 by visiting a meetup in one of the cities or by subscribing to get the updates connected with the tour (presentations, blog articles, special offerings, photo and video summary). Become a part of Java movement with Jelastic Cloud platform.

Java Community

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