Java Euro Tour 2016: Feedback at First Hand

| June 15, 2016

Today we`d like to share some of our brightest moments from Java Euro Tour 2016. Together with dogado, Oracle, SouJava and Red Hat we organized a set of different meetups with Java User Groups in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Jelastic Java Tour

We can admit a great interest among European Java developers in Berlin, Dortmund, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Basel, Zurich, Bodeseekreis, Munich and Malaga. Pretty impressive list, isn't it?

Speakers and Sessions

The experienced speakers, Bruno Souza, Edson Yanaga, Otávio Santana and Ruslan Synytsky, talked about how to improve the developers’ career using the modern technologies. They shared their knowledge about Java applications, containers, DevOps, Big Data, Microservices and Live Migration.

Find the main speaking session topics below:

  • Containers and DevOps: full delivery cycle for Java applications
  • Big Data and NoSQL with CDI and Cassandra
  • First step with the money api, JSR 354
  • Making the shape of CDI 2.0
  • A Developer’s Journey From Monoliths to Microservices
  • Multi-cloud scalability: NoSQL with Cassandra, JavaEE, CDI and Containers
  • Containers Live Migration for Enterprise Java Applications in a DevOps PaaS
  • Java and Memory Limits in Containers: LXC, Docker and OpenVZ
Java Euro Tour Speakers

Drop us a message, if you’d like to receive the presentations from the tour.

Special Offering from dogado

Within this tour, dogado, our hosting partner from Germany, provided €150 bonus credits to all attendees to try Jelastic platform. Interested in testing the platform? Contact us or dogado directly and get your trial account!

We visited dogado office, discussed a lot of questions and recorded an interesting interview with their tech guys. Enjoy!

JUGs as They Are!

Developers took part in thrilling talks with Java Champions and were happy to feel the atmosphere of one of the coolest community. And yes, all was included - thought-provoking talks, Q&A sessions and pizza, of course!

Online Webinars and Live Demos

During the tour Bruno Souza took a set of interviews with Java Champions in different cities, also there were presented some demos in a live mode and light talks with the participants of the tour. You can see the replays of the online events following this link and the rest of the video materials are coming soon.

J on the Beach

Our final destination appeared to be at J on the Beach conference in sunny Malaga, Spain. Within this conference, developers were joined together and involved in a plenty of technical speeches and active networking. Jelastic participated as a Platinum partner, - our Director of Technology, Ihor Kolodyuk had a thrilling session with Java evangelist Bruno Souza about Live Migration.

That was an amazing trip around Europe visiting Java User Groups and participating at J on the Beach conference. Let’s sum up what we achieved and what we are already planning.

Our next Java stop is at the JBCNConf in Barcelona. The 18th of June at 11h20 CET Jelastic technical director, Ihor Kolodyuk, will present a session:

Autoscaling and load balancing of Java EE Cluster with Docker containers

Provisioning and scaling of Java enterprise applications were always a hard task. Containers give a promise to bring automation of such IT operations to the next level. However very often it’s even harder to decompose large monolithic enterprise applications into multiple containers architecture. At this session, we’ll dive deeply into the decomposition process and the ways to make it smooth in order to remove the bottlenecks for auto-scaling and load balancing based on containers.

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