Java application servers marketshare: Tomcat, GlassFish, Jetty

By | October 25, 2011
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Last week we posted statistics on the databases that Java developers choose for their deployments in Jelastic PaaS. Now, it’s time for the market share charts for open-source Java application servers.

Jelastic is in a good position to publish the stats. The platform already has more that 2,000 environments created (so a good sample of data), and Java developers are not constrained to specific proprietary container but can choose the server that they want to use currently from Tomcat 6 or 7, GlassFish and Jetty. Whatever developers select – Jelastic runs for them.

tomcat vs glassfish

So Tomcat 6 is still by far the number one choice, but GlassFish is picking up and already ahead of Tomcat 7.

Also, as Jelastic is available both in the US and Europe, it is interesting to compare distributions in the regions:

tomcat versus glassfishIt is interesting to see that Jetty is way more popular in the US than in Europe. However, one thing to keep in mind when comparing the regions is that European deployment is actually older – Jelastic launched there back in July 2011, and US launch was only 3 weeks ago. Thus it might be that US data simply shows the dynamic on the market and Jetty is growing fast now. We will be posting updates on a monthly basis – so in a month we will see how the market distribution for Tomcat 6 and 7, GlassFish and Jetty is changing over time.

Here are the current numbers:




Tomcat 6




Tomcat 7












Stay tuned to see the updated numbers next month!

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  • The reason for this is simple – Tomcat 6 is the default app server selected when you create a new environment. And GlassFish is comparably strong in this evaluation (compared to the overall market share) because it’s the choice of whomever operates EJBs, JMS etc – stuff outside your typical Java container.

    • Dmitry Sotnikov

      Good point. I wonder if we need to randomize the default to mitigate that…

  • Patrick

    It would be nice to see JBOSS AS 7 choice as well. It includes Hibernate, is J2EE 6 (currently webprofile) certified and is light weight (at least compared to JBOSS AS 5, 6).

    • Dmitry Sotnikov

      Yes, absolutely. JBoss is on the roadmap – don’t have a date for that yet, but we’ll get there.

    • Dmitry Sotnikov

      Patrick, and more importantly, you can actually affect the priority for JBoss in Jelastic by simply submitting the request at and encouraging everyone you know to vote for it. 😉

  • Chris R.

    Resin 4 is a great choice that is also left of this list. Lightweight – even compared to JBoss ( 23 mb! ), easy to configure, Web Profile certified, and just flat out works. 🙂

    • Dmitry Sotnikov

      Chris, please go and and vote for Resin (and then talk all your friends and relatives into doing that :))

      We absolutely want to have Resin available and the higher it gets in the feature voting – the earlier we will get it out. 😉

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  • Jonathan

    Why you guys compare Glassfish with Tomcat?