Java and DevOps Meetup: Improvement of DevOps Processes Using Docker Containers

| September 29, 2015

Become a part of a joint initiative of Madrid JUG and DevOps community, Jelastic and Infortelecom to discuss how to improve continuous delivery of JVM applications using Docker containers. This is the event where software professionals get together to learn more about current trends in IT world and test drive the offered solutions from the perspective of their own expertise.

When and Where

Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 7.30 PM
Theatres Luchana
38 Luchana Street, Madrid, Spain


Improvement of DevOps processes using Docker containers

Docker containers brought new approach for implementation of DevOps workflows. We will describe in details how Java developers can get benefits from Docker:

  • Evolving of CI/CD processes with Docker
  • Simplification of initial configuration of dev environments, as well as preparation of test, staging and production environments
  • Implementation of zero downtime updates of applications
  • Development of highly available and auto-scalable applications
  • Performing smooth migration of applications across dev, testing and staging environments that can be located in different datacenters like Azure, AWS or on-premise.


  • Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO
  • Pedro Sanz Martinez , Infortelecom System Engineer
  • Jorge Moratilla Porras, Madrid DevOps Co-organizer
  • Nando Sola, Madrid JUG Co-organizer


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At the end of the talk, our hosting partner Infortelecom will gladly spread some takeaways, bonuses with free cloud hosting resources and offer some catering with drinks to make the atmosphere more informal for sharing experiences and opinions.

Java and DevOps Role for Jelastic Cloud

Jelastic is an enterprise DevOps PaaS for containers deployed on bare metal hardware or any IaaS. It is production ready for 4 years with data center partners in 25 countries. Our customers and partners can choose between Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud options. The platform provides certified containers for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET and the ability to upload custom containers as Dockers.

Currently multilingual, Jelastic was initially created as pure Java cloud and still maintains a primary focus on this programming language. In 2012 Jelastic won Duke’s Choice Award on JavaOne Conference in San Francisco, California. Jelastic, the company behind the ultra scalable and interoperable Java Cloud hosting platform, has been selected as the Technology Leader Award Winner. The primary criteria for the awards is innovation: Jelastic contribution to the Java world is the development of the next-generation Java hosting platform – the Java Elastic Cloud.


Jelastic offers agile deployment models, flexible automatic scaling for stateless and stateful applications, the maximum Java application density, disaster recovery, collaboration and access control tools, billing and business analytics tools, while driving down TCO with high density and hardware utilization. We currently have 36 hosting partners who are commercially offering Jelastic, 6 private cloud clients and an entire ecosystem of Jelastic partners worldwide.

Jelastic is focused on increasing Java projects release velocity with a help of DevOps that let getting changes to code and operations infrastructure into the hands of users faster. Containerized Java stacks provide more efficient ways to push changes into production and make this process more automated. Our aim is to make DevOps with containers more adapted to Java application requirements and needs.

Current shift to DevOps requires full-stack Java developers who know not only the application itself, but also the runtime environment, network and the operating system, and how the system is configured, run, and monitored. It is needed to get closer to the metal, to understand more about the technology, how it works, how it scales, and how to make sure that it is secure. So our platform is intended to ease this shift providing the developers and operations with the needed tools to make their Java application lifecycle smooth and guarantee its high availability and security.

Having James Gosling on board, Jelastic is gaining even more in-depth coverage and analysis of Java features on our advanced platform.


Recent Java and DevOps Experience of Jelastic Presenter

During the meetup technical demo will be presented by Ruslan Synytsky, CEO and co-founder of Jelastic. With over 15 years in the IT industry, Ruslan is an expert in large-scale distributed Java applications and enterprise platforms, has a reach scientific luggage and is actively involved in various tech conferences for developers, hosting providers, systems integrators and enterprises.

This year Ruslan Synytsky presented a session about DevOps with containers for Java at JavaOne Latin America in June 2015. He addressed a variety of challenges and scenarios facing developers and ultimately provided a solution.

Also Ruslan became a part of a Java Tour around Brazil organized by Jelastic as a part of the Oracle Java20 Tour. Together with Bruno Souza, Edson Yanaga, Bruno Borges, Steven Chin, Alessandro Jannuzzi, Otávio Santana and Cassio Scozzafave he visited local JUGs showing a demo about automation of DevOps processes throughout Java application lifecycle.


Come and join us at the Java and DevOps meetup!