Java Agent in Jelastic

| April 11, 2012

We are really excited to share some great news with you. We have another great update to Jelastic: you can now use the javaagent parameter to deploy agent-based applications to the cloud. Thanks to our friend and user Anton Arhipov for this great idea and all of you that voted for it.

A Java Agent is an interceptor in front of your main method, executed in the same JVM, loaded by the same system classloader and governed by the same security policy and context.

Agent-based applications are very popular and used for different proposes, such as: social network effects, modeling of consumer behavior, supply chain optimization, logistics, distributed computing,workforce management, portfolio management, traffic congestion, biological and economics analysis etc.

It's very easy to use javaagent in Jelastic, just two simple additional settings:

  • Upload your jar file to the home folder of your server.
  • Open variables.conf file (server folder) and specify the path to jar file according to environment variables (/opt/tomcat/temp/my.jar) .

Important: Setting -JavaAgent for Jetty and Tomcat follows the same approach of editing variables.conf file that is used for specifying the auxiliary JVM arguments as described above. Glassfish is different and uses domain.xml configuration file instead. See this for details: Setting Environment Variables in GlassFish

Stay tuned for even more exiting news! And don't forget to vote for new features!