Jelastic Announces Jakarta EE 9 Cloud Availability Across Network of Hosting Service Providers

| December 8, 2020
jakarta ee 9 inside jelastic paas

Jelastic, multi-cloud PaaS provider and Jakarta EE Working Group member, today announced full compatibility with newly-released Jakarta EE 9 specifications. The transition from javax.* package namespace to jakarta.* was introduced to power the evolution of cloud native technologies for Java. Jelastic is the first cloud platform that has already made this release available for the customers across a wide network of distributed hosting service providers.

“We welcome Jelastic's participation in Jakarta EE and appreciate their efforts to accelerate cloud adoption for Jakarta EE 9," said Mike Milinkovich, the Eclipse Foundation's executive director. “We look forward to their contributions and collaboration in future releases.”

The release of Jakarta EE 9 gives enterprises and developers a truly open platform for establishing standardized enterprise applications in Java that serve as a foundation for future innovations. And Jelastic PaaS provides an easy way to create environments with new Jakarta EE 9 application servers for deep testing, compatibility checks and running live production environments. It’s also possible now to redeploy existing containers with old versions to the newest ones in order to reduce the necessary migration efforts, and to expedite adoption of cutting-edge cloud native tools and products. 

“Jelastic is the first and only cloud vendor to answer our call-to-action to support the new jakarta.* namespace, including both Tomcat 10 and TomEE 9 milestones by the Jakarta EE 9 release date. If we want Java-based standards to continue to exist in our industry, we need all cloud platforms to follow their example and collaborate with implementors to ensure that Jakarta EE thrives,” said David Blevins, Tomitribe founder and CEO.

For the last several months Jelastic PaaS team has been actively integrating Jakarta EE 9 within the cloud platform. The certified container images with the following software stacks are already updated and available for Jelastic customers across over 100 data centers:

  • Tomcat
  • TomEE
  • GlassFish
  • WildFly
  • Jetty

Payara and Open Liberty compliant with Jakarta EE 9 are planned to be added early 2021 as soon as the solutions are launched in cooperation with their vendors.

The Jakarta EE community has taken the important and necessary step on the road to further innovation using cloud native technologies for Java by implementing jakarta.* package namespace in a well-defined, consistent and uniform manner. This change firmly establishes Jakarta EE as a strong base on which cloud-era innovations can be built for future Java infrastructure.

“The Jakarta EE project is constantly introducing new improvements and we are committed to instantly implementing these updates via Jelastic PaaS across a network of service providers to meet the needs of the Java community.” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO and co-founder. “This namespace migration will open the doors to the upcoming features, enhancements and other major updates we can expect going forward. Jelastic’s fast adoption of these changes will make this functionality cloud-friendly, scalable and easily available to our extensive global user community.”

Get next-generation cloud experience and explore Jakarta EE 9 specifics with Jelastic PaaS.