It`s High Time to Learn Italian – Jelastic Launches neen

| October 22, 2015

unnamed (2)With great pleasure and excitement we announce that Jelastic has a new partner, neen, well-known hosting company from Italy. 
neen is among the first companies in Italy with the expertise in managed hosting, high-availability and cloud services. Their team is committed to maximizing the performance of their users’ applications and to guarantee the quality of the services provided. They are working with each customer directly to identify the size and type of project, its needs and potential growth in order to meet the requirements of each specific business.

Below is an excerpt of the press release

“We are excited that our latest project within our cloud-orchestration strategy is being enabled through the out-of-the-box solution provided by Jelastic”, said Marco Zani, neen CEO. “In Jelastic, we have also identified the winning, production-ready solution for introducing our clients to the use of containers and, in particular, Docker – a technology that is set to consolidate its leadership in cloud & hosting services. Our Jelastic platform enables high availability, supports Docker container technology and offers high pricing-flexibility in combination with our bold support, advanced experience in hosting, high-performance and wide variety of cloud services. Altogether, these features ensure the successful partnership, the main aim of which is  to meet our clients’ requirements”.
“This year we fetched lots of requests for Jelastic cloud platform from Italian customers. That is why we are delighted that now Jelastic is locally available in Italy on top of neen data centers. We believe that neen with its high level of support and experience in cloud hosting services will get a rightful place in Jelastic Cloud Union,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.
The location of neen data centers will ensure providing services in accordance with national standards of data protection and security, and with 24/7 technical support in Italian. With a wide range of capabilities and ease of use, neen allows an increase in the efficiency of developers, administrators and IT managers.
neen is an L.I.R. member of Ripe NCC, a member of, and an ICANN-Accredited Registrar for the main international TLDs, as well as the Zend hosting partner for Italy.
The neen infrastructure is located in two carrier-class data centers, in Milan, Italy. Both areas are connected to the internet and to MIX in Milan via gigabit links with redundant and mixed bandwidth (Italian and international). With neen, you also have access to a CDN with more than 150 POPs across 5 continents.
DevOps teams can develop and run their applications, getting a real guarantee of resource autoscaling up and down with cost optimization. neen users do not have to worry about maintenance, management and patching the operating system. They can focus on writing programs because Jelastic platform supports most popular development environments; PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, Node.js, .NET and tools such as GitHub and SVN. Developers also receive support throughout the application lifecycle, including easy cloning of environments during testing and production. A wide choice of software stacks by default, plus Docker containers, plugins for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans IDEs and other technologies integrated inside make Jelastic a turnkey cloud with a complex solution.
Read the complete release.