An Interview With Jelastic’s CEO John Derrick

| July 16, 2014


Last week, Jennifer Lynn from SAP caught up with Jelastic CEO, John Derrick.

Below is an excerpt of the article:

Platform-as-Infrastructure (PaI) 2.2 is a complete, turnkey solution that already integrates both PaaS/IaaS, offering the industry’s fastest time-to-cloud, saving IT organizations significant time and resources. Jelastic launched the newest release of its Platform-as-Infrastructure last month which offers a turnkey “full-stack” cloud deployment model that removes these integration and coding barriers.

Jennifer Lynn: Could you tell me more about Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure 2.2?

John Derrick: Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure combines both PaaS and IaaS into a single, turnkey cloud solution that can be deployed as a private, public or hybrid cloud by enterprises or hosting service providers. PAI 2.2 provides a comprehensive Java, PHP (and now) Ruby hosting platform. Platform-as-Infrastructure 2.2 broadens Jelastic’s enterprise cloud and multi-language PaaS capabilities by adding the industry’s most comprehensive Ruby support, a new API combined with the industry’s only GUI for improved simplicity for developers, and a one-click app marketplace. Because of the new improvements that PaI 2.2 offers, Ruby architects and developers can deploy new or legacy applications to the cloud without any code changes, providing them with a scalable, highly available and secure environment in seconds, making it ideal for more demanding agile development and develops practices.

Jennifer Lynn: Why is this important?

John Derrick: While the cloud and PaaS specifically are supposed to make things simple, most solutions still require A LOT of technical expertise, custom coding and ongoing management – resulting in sticker shock and lock in. Jelastic offers a turnkey “full-stack” cloud deployment model that removes these integration and coding barriers.

“There is strong, growing demand among developers, IT operations and devops teams to leverage multiple languages and multiple infrastructures without sacrificing time-to-market, quality or uptime — the type of service provided by Jelastic,” said Jay Lyman, 451 Research Senior Analyst. ‘With today’s market driving faster software development and deployment cycles, we expect the trend of polyglot programming and this demand to continue.”

“Enterprises need cloud solutions they can begin using on day one, not one thousand and one, or even one hundred and one,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CTO of Jelastic. “Supporting Java, PHP and now Ruby continues our commitment to simplify development and deployment of applications in the cloud, providing immediate ROI for enterprises worldwide.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

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