Increase Revenue with Jelastic’s Enterprise-Class Private Cloud

| October 15, 2014

PrivateCloudTargetingCloud architecture is fast becoming the more widely used choice for enterprises, as many of them understand clearly all of the benefits of such an infrastructure. You get scalability of the system together with your business, rapid deployment and easy management of new applications and at the same time, impressive TCO reduction. But all of these benefits are gained only if enterprises make the right decision while choosing the appropriate private cloud for their business.
Availability, scalability, security, management, and cost are the main concerns for any C-level representative of an enterprise company. Enterprises are required to deliver a private or hybrid enterprise cloud that drives down costs and increases agility.
Jelastic provides the only all-inclusive private cloud solution that integrates PaaS and IaaS, and is specifically built for enterprises. Easily configured and managed, Jelastic provides a turnkey private cloud that works for innovative and legacy applications, without coding to proprietary APIs.

Jelastic Private Cloud Highlights

Jelastic delivers a private or hybrid enterprise cloud that drives down costs and increases agility:
• Automatic handling of load spikes
• Stability and availability of services
• Single point of management
• Lowest TCO and fastest ROI
• Speed up development and ALM processes
• Simplified scalability and maintenance
Jelastic Private Cloud is a new business line for Systems Integrators, Enterprise Companies and Development teams. Sectors interested in our solution include finance, government, medicine, education, security and information & technology.
Virtual Private Cloud is chosen to split management and keep a portion of the work internal to an organization. Small, medium or large enterprises may choose to have the Private Cloud provider manage the entire stack.

Stability and High-Availability

Jelastic provides a simple approach to providing high availability, failover and zero downtime of Enterprise Apps.
• Automatic failover and recovery of infrastructure nodes
• Hardware and software load balancing support
• Horizontal scaling (manual and automatic)
• Smart Containers Distribution and Live Migration
• Rolling updates for clustered applications
• Software Defined Storage
Full HA
This significantly saves the time of your operations team to keep your servers uptime and makes your business safer.

TCO Reduction

High Density and Utilization

Jelastic uses Container’s virtualization as the primary virtualization option that provides much better density, a minimal overhead in contrast to hardware virtualization, and scaling automatically up and down without restarting.
Jelastic also provides auto-hibernation of test and dev environments after user requests become idle for some time. This dramatically economizes hardware resources and provides improved density.

Automatic Scaling of Resources

Jelastic delivers an efficient way to spin up excess application instances only when they are needed and spin them down when they are not.
During the load spikes, Jelastic allocates more resources to an application (up to the predefined limits of a virtual container) and takes the resources back, when they are no longer needed with the help of automatic vertical scaling.
Jelastic also enables cloud elasticity by providing automatic horizontal application scaling (up and down) based on load changes.
In addition to all of these features, Jelastic also supports hot add of any resources (RAM, CPU, HDD, Network, IOPS), without requiring an app restart.

Improved Development Processes

App Lifecycle Management and Continuous Delivery

Jelastic supports multiple Application Development Lifecycle stage environments (Dev, QA, and Production). As a result, Enterprises can adopt and implement the Jelastic platform without changing their current methodologies or processes.
GIT/SVN integration
• Smooth migration between dev-test-prod
• Environments cloning
• Switching domain names and traffic between stage and production environments (without downtime)
• Public API
• Update and rollback patches
Jelastic provides everything for organizing the optimal continuous delivery process using Maven and CI integration.

Supported Services

Jelastic supports wide choice of Programming Languages and Frameworks: Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and Node.JS (.Net support is coming soon).
Vast array of Open Source and Proprietary Enterprise middleware stacks are easily extensible by new Industry specialized stacks.
Together with that, Jelastic supports cartridges specification that allows the use of additional middleware, packaged by the OpenShift community.
You can easily package and add required languages, databases, or middleware components via the customizable Cartridge system.

Jelastic Packaging Standard

JPS (Jelastic Packaging Standard) is a standard that can be used for preparing the templates of the fully configured applications which are ready to be installed on the Jelastic
cloud in just one-click.
With JPS, you can offer your users the widgets for fast installation of applications gaining:

  • improvement of the applications distribution and sale
  • reduction of application support and management costs

There are about 150+ apps already packaged by Jelastic and available on productions for installation. Also, you can package your own custom application using JPS.

Self-Service Web Portals

Jelastic makes DevOps possible without hiring specialized skill sets by providing a self-service web portal for app developers and cluster admins. Jelastic’s dashboard and admin panel provide all of the tools necessary to configure, deploy and manage Jelastic resources, including easy integration with popular solutions. This reduces operational overhead, freeing up resources for new products, allowing them to concentrate on really difficult tasks and issues.

SSH Gate

Jelastic users can remotely access individual application containers for applications deployed on the PaaS in order to see their processes, file system, and log files. This provides users the best architecture to manage their applications.
SSH Gateway accepts users’ connections from the internet and then transmits these connections to the desired container, using an internal network.

  • Interactive menu and the ability to travel across many environments and containers, without unnecessary extra authentication
  • Direct connect to any container with support of SFTP, SCP, FISH, Puppet, Chef, Capistrano, etc.

These are just some of the main benefits that make Jelastic cloud the right solution for enterprises that want to get efficient, profitable and scalable PaaS for their business. Easily configured and managed, Jelastic provides a turnkey private cloud that works.
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