IBM and Jelastic: Born-on-the-Cloud Combination

| March 31, 2016

cloud-computing-providerCloud technologies keep developing and being a building block for innovation, creating cloud-driven solutions starting from containers to a set of business tools. Jelastic Cloud is devoted to solve complex cloud-based business challenges and many of them were solved by means of cooperation with IBM Cloud.

Our customers have specific technology and performance needs that are met by IBM Cloud technology - a global footprint of bare metal cloud servers, low-latency network connections, security features, redundancy or uptime.

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) became a great opportunity to bring high level product to market quickly by leveraging IBM’s team of dedicated entrepreneurial experts, one-on-one mentoring, technology support and free cloud resources.

Being the major player at the market of container orchestration and workload mobility, Jelastic used SoftLayer infrastructure from IBM Cloud to cut its deployment time from days to four hours. We have also implemented a distributed architecture for failover and disaster recovery—all via an internal private network—thanks to IBM’s high-speed connections via the SoftLayer network, that connects IBM Cloud data centers worldwide.

These low-latency connections have also enabled the company to launch a hybrid cloud offering. Jelastic customers are using this option to enhance their on-premises systems by bursting into the cloud to handle load spikes, streaming data via a content delivery network (CDN), and backing up their data in SoftLayer cloud servers around the world.

“Unlike many cloud providers that offer only virtual machines, IBM Cloud offers bare metal servers and high-end block storage along with virtual machines,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO for Jelastic. “This gives us great flexibility in terms of performance and deployment options. And speaking of flexibility, we can even offer the Jelastic platform to customers via multiple cloud providers. Even so, we’ve found that IBM Cloud is the highest performing cloud for our solution, and we recommend IBM’s SoftLayer infrastructure to our customers, leads and prospective clients.”

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting high performing Jelastic cloud cluster based on SoftLayer hardware and we’ll share more details as well as show you testing results and demo.