How to Differentiate Your Cloud Hosting Business among Competitors. DataCenter Finland UseCase

| July 25, 2017

Everything and everyone are getting to the Cloud nowadays: enterprises, small and medium businesses, individuals. This shift requires hosting providers to expand their data centers by opening new hardware regions, to meet the users` demand. And in order to get more customers, cloud hosting providers need to offer unique and highly-qualified services, that will differentiate them from competitors on the market.
Today we publish a use case with one of the biggest hosting providers in Northern Europe, DataCenter Finland, who share their business strategy, the steps they perform to grow, satisfy the customers and compete on the market. So, meet Aino von Bonin, the Head of Marketing at DataCenter Finland.DataCenter Finland UseCase Aino von Bonin

How do you differ from AWS and other hosting competitors?

I would say that the biggest difference is the Finnish service that we provide, we know our customers business and we are very much customer minded. What we are proud of is the service combined world class technologies and our industry expertise.

What cloud and container platforms have you evaluated?

We looked into different container management platforms, such as Apache Mesos, Kontena, OpenShift, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and in that group, Jelastic was the most reseller ready for us: it provides tools and resources for customers to have a modern CaaS and PaaS platform.

Why did you choose Jelastic?

The main reason we chose Jelastic were the technical capabilities as well as a Partner Model, and we are very satisfied with Jelastic. Our Jelastic business is growing all the time and we are also learning ourselves every day more.

How does Jelastic help your customers?

The biggest benefit to our customers is that there is easy to use a management dashboard as well as the Pay-per-Use pricing model, which saves our customers` time and money. And also a Docker technology is growing a lot, giving our customers a possibility to use resources much more efficiently.

What infrastructure do you use for running Jelastic platform?

Our Jelastic platform runs on the same standardized components as the other data center services that we provide. We use manufacturers like Dell EMC and Cisco, and we are providing Jelastic as a multi regional service from our two data centers.

Why did you decide to provide several regions for your customers?

We wanna to be the first provider who offers multi regional hosting service in Finland, that also meets our common strategy of supplying our customers with high availability services.

How do you see the future for DataCenter Finland and Jelastic?

We plan to grow our business, in terms of marketing efforts and we also are looking into growing internationally.
Thank you Aino!hosting usecase videoDataCenter Finland shows great results of rapid and continuous growth. Inspired to start now your cloud PaaS business with Jelastic? Contact us and activate your hosting super powers.
Try now for free a truly scalable cloud hosting for your applications and you`ll never wanna choose another Platform again.

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