How to deploy Google Web Toolkit applications to Jelastic cloud

| April 3, 2012

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open-source set of tools for building and optimizing complex Java applications. GWT is used by many Google products. It's completely free and used by thousands of developers around the world.

Let's deploy the GWT application to Jelastic and you'll see how easy it is.

1. Create an environment

1. Go to and sign up if you haven't done so yet, or log in with your Jelastic credentials by clicking the Sign In link on the page.
2. While in Jelastic dashboard, click the Create environment button at the top left.

deploy google web toolkit

3. Select your application server (for example, Tomcat 6) and specify your environment name, for example, gwttest.

gwt hosting

In a minute your environment will be created.

google web toolkit hosting

2. Application deployment

1. Create your GWT application as you usually do.
2. Create a WAR file in any way you like. To any application, the output of the GWT Compiler is purely static content .

We use simply GWT hello application as an example. If you want to deploy this application too, just upload The Google Web Toolkit SDK, unzip this package and create a WAR file from the WAR folder contents (gwt-2.4.0/samples/Hello/war).

3. Upload your Java package to the deployment manager.

host gwt

4. Once the package is in Jelastic, deploy it to the environment you created earlier.

gwt cloud

Open your application in a web browser and enjoy!

gwt in the cloud