How to Deploy Bitrix to the Jelastic PHP Cloud

| March 29, 2013

Bitrix Site Manager is the industry's most secure website management, e-commerce and e-marketing solution that delivers extreme value in performance, functionality, and ease-of-use for small and medium-sized businesses. It can be used by both corporate customers and individual web developers as the base to develop new sites from scratch and manage the existing sites. The Bitrix Site Manager allows to build as many sites as you need, using a single copy of the product. This means that you have to keep a single copy of the system and database on the server.

What is more, with the Bitrix Site Manager you can:

  • manage the structure and content of your site;
  • publish news, press releases and other frequently updated information;
  • manage advertising shows on your site;
  • create forums;
  • create mailing lists and send messages to your subscribers;
  • keep visitor statistics;
  • control advertising campaigns;
  • perform many other operations in managing your web project.

The product will minimize web site maintenance costs owing to simple process of management of static and dynamic information. You will not need any web design or programming expert service in maintaining and managing your site.

Let's deploy this great application to Jelastic PHP Cloud!

Create an environment

1. Log in to Jelastic Manager.

2. Click Create environment at the top left corner of the dashboard.

3. Pick Apache application server, PHP v5.3 and MySQL database. Then type your environment name.


In a minute your environment with both Apache and MySQL will be created and appears in the environment list.


Upload the application

1. Go to the Bitrix web site, log in (or register if you haven't done this yet) and navigate to Downloads -> Bitrix Site Manager -> Download 30-Day Trial (Buy Commercial Key).


2. Fill in the required form to get the download link.


3. Download the latest version of Bitrix Site Manager as a zip package.


4. Upload the package you have just downloaded to the Deployment manager.


5. Once the package is in Jelastic, deploy it to the environment you have created earlier.


Configure database

1. Once the deployment is finished, click Open in browser button for MySQL node.

2. When you created the environment, Jelastic sent you an email with credentials to the database. Create an account and the database with the application using these credentials.


Install Bitrix

1. Click the Open in browser button for your environment.


2. Accept the terms of the license agreement in order to start the installation process.

3. Register your copy of the program and get updates (if you wish).

4. Check system requirements.

5. Configure your database: specify database server hostname, your database username, password and name.


6. After system installation create your administrator account.

7. Select the solution to install: manufacturer website, corporate service site or download the most suitable for you from the marketplace.

8. Select the template, color theme etc. and configure your solution.

9. Now you can open your site and start edit it. Enjoy!


As you can see it is very easy way to get Bitrix up and running in the cloud. Just give it a try!

If you have any other methods of doing this I'd love to hear them.