Dmitry Sotnikov from Jelastic on How Power Makes Users Products Better

| June 3, 2013

This article was originally published in the Spring 2013 edition the The Whir Magazine by David Hamilton

bulbOur COO Dmitry Sotnikov has been very busy the last couple of months, spreading the word of Jelastic's success and he also contributed to a couple of articles in the most recent issue of The Whir Magazine. See an excerpt below.

Nearly every great technology or service you can name has a select group who can use it in advanced and sophisticated ways. These dedicated, somewhat obsessive, people are generally known as “power users”, and they’re what many in the hosting business are hoping to snare.

As a group, power users have dedication to a product or service, and use their clout among other power users to make it better, or at least see it change and develop in ways they agree with. Not only can they take it upon themselves to tell you how to make things better, but they will also often speak out to their peers in the tech community (especially if they are so called “tech celebrities”) and act almost like a technology evangelist or brand ambassador.

“In the tech space, people who are enthusiastic are very enthusiastic,” Jelastic chief operating officer Dmitry Sotnikov says. “They actually really, sincerely, love technology and want to contribute. So as long as you’re not trying to use them and abuse them, but actually try to work with them to make that technology awesome... That’s what made them tech celebrities in the first place.”

See the full interview on page 32 of the latest WHIR magazine.