Hostnet Drives New Business With Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure Turnkey Cloud Platform

| February 25, 2014

Hostnet NetherlandsCurrently, Jelastic partners with more than 30 worldwide web hosting providers, to offer a sophisticated Java and PHP hosting platform, in more countries than any other cloud platform in the market. Today, we are delighted to welcome Hostnet, a hosting and domain name service provider from the Netherlands. Established in 1999, they are one of the largest and most reliable providers in the Netherlands.
Below is an excerpt from the press release:
"For years, Hostnet has provided a wide offering of web hosting solutions for a broad range of applications,” said Steven Mohamedajoeb, Manager Operations, Hostnet. “Now, with Jelastic we can not only provide users with instant scalable hosting, but also give them the possibility to set up complex features such as high availability within minutes instead of days. The web interface is so user-friendly that our engineers are excited to work with Jelastic as well."
“Hostnet is a leading Hosting Service Provider in its region with a strong portfolio of offerings and we are very excited that they have selected Jelastic as their advanced scalable cloud platform,” said John Derrick, Jelastic CEO. “Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure provides hosters with an innovative business model, comprehensive management and turnkey deployment, features that are quickly making it the standard for Hosting Service Providers worldwide.”
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