Hosting Providers and MSPs Resell Jelastic PaaS and CaaS without Upfront Investments

| March 22, 2016

Recently we’ve announced the launch of  Jelastic Cooper 4.6 release with the main focus on our new reselling program that makes PaaS and CaaS business accessible for a wide range of hosting companies and MSPs. Today we’d like to pay more attention to this opportunity, highlight the problems it solves and benefits that are provided for both resellers and hosting partners.


5 Common Hosting Problems

Many hosting companies face a set of problems while fighting for their place at the current cloud hosting market:

1. Lack of expertise and knowledge to handle new business opportunitiesimage03-1

2. New markets exploration risks

3. Not enough sales and marketing force

4. Low hardware utilization

5. Budget limitations to speed up the growth

All of these aspects may significantly impede the expansion of business.

Jelastic Reselling Solution

To overcome all the above-mentioned problems, Jelastic offers a smart franchising system between existing hosting partners and resellers. A reseller can use the infrastructure and billing system of a parent hoster. Each hosting provider can create a special reseller account with a dedicated dashboard for users and a cluster admin panel for its management and customization under a separate domain.

As a result, the parent hosting provider obtains a wider area of influence, a better local presence, and higher selling, while the reselling partners can easily start their new hosting business out-of-the-box with zero investments:

  • No installation fee or investments in hardware
  • No minimal commitment
  • Production ready PaaS and CaaS with Docker containers support
  • Built-in billing system
  • Support and marketing tools
  • Marketplace with pre-packaged applications

Hosting providers can build their own ecosystem, sales and marketing community - not only resell and boost the revenue, but also generate new business opportunities as well as easily handle them.1

Jelastic provides the smart collaboration with valuable benefits for both resellers and initial hosting service providers:

1. Resellers get a simpler and cheaper possibility to start their own business through using the already configured and tested hardware, integrated billing and monitoring systems, technical support and go-to-market campaign

2. The parent platform owners achieve a wider zone of influence and better local presence through working with companies that bring necessary legal presence, essential business experience and market knowledge

This allows to attract more customers by handling a wide range of co-marketing and sales activities, as well as to enhance the users’ support quality speeding up the response and problems resolution time.image00

Ready to try with no upfront investments? Contact us (or email us at and we will provide you with more details and demo account, as well as connect you with Jelastic hosting partners to discuss the partnership opportunities.