Lifted By The Platform: Swiss Hosting Provider Increased Revenue with New Cloud PaaS Strategy

| September 7, 2017

According to Forbes, annual global spend on public cloud services is predicted to grow at a 19.4% compound annual growth rate to reach $141 billion by 2019. So the competition will also grow and it is already a high time to think how to differentiate in order to get a big part of that pie. As a possible solution, many IaaS providers started expanding their services offering PaaS, Docker hosting, professional help in arranging DevOps processes and other extra benefits for users.  And it is definitely the right move in order to stay on high wave and boost the revenue.

The integral part of accelerating your hosting business, standing apart of other service providers and getting more profit is learning from success and failure of others in your sphere. Thus today we’d like to share a real case of Trendhosting, a Swiss web hosting company based in Thun that chose Cloud PaaS as their business strategy and already gaining results.

How do you differ from AWS and other hosting competitors?

We have really managed services so we provide actually everything for the customers, so they have a flexibility from Jelastic with our support on top.  

What cloud and container platforms have you evaluated?

We have looked at different solutions, as well as considered a self-made Docker solutions based on our highly available cluster.

Why did you choose Jelastic?

We are in production for a year now, since last summer, and we chose Jelastic, because it was the most flexible and turnkey solution, and we got the highest performance out of it.   

How does Jelastic help your customers?

From one side it is for sure a flexibility, but the most important it`s the performance. I like to catch all the spikes and to be able to react on those.  

What infrastructure do you use for running Jelastic platform?

We use a mix of servers from Dell and HP and we have deployed them in Switzerland, Germany, and most likely we'll also add one more data center with Jelastic in Bern soon.

How do you see the future for Trendhosting and Jelastic?

At the moment we are migrating a lot of customers from old solutions and from the dedicated servers to Jelastic. We got good feedbacks and I think we will keep doing that!

A really cool feedback, thank you, Mustafa 🙂


Win-win scenario for Trendhosting inspired you to increase revenue with Cloud PaaS offering? Start now your new cloud hosting adventure with Jelastic, by selling PaaS, Docker hosting, auto scalable VPS and hundreds of most popular packaged applications to your customers.

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