Highly Available Cloud Hosting for PrestaBR E-Commerce Development Agency

| February 20, 2019

Uptime and high availability are the must-have for e-commerce. That’s why ability to handle peaks in traffic becomes one of the main factors while choosing cloud hosting solution for running the underlying applications. At the same time, it is important to focus on the core project without wasting time being involved in every aspect of infrastructure management and worrying about application performance.

For PrestaBR, e-commerce development agency specialized in the PrestaShop Platform, these two reasons also became determinative in order to find a reliable third-party cloud solution with IT-experts to handle the mentioned obstacles on the way to business growth.

After testing a number of popular cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure), PrestaBR team chose to go with Jelastic PaaS on top of Layershift hosting provider. Thiago Ferreira, Projects Director at PrestaBR, shared the main reasons and outcomes of this choice.

Thiago Ferreira PrestaBR e-commerce development

What tasks and goals Jelastic PaaS helps you to achieve?

We currently use Jelastic as the ideal solution for production running of medium and large-sized stores. We also maintain a development environment used for general testing of the scripts that helps a lot in our day-to-day activities.

Jelastic is really amazing; it provides very fast and efficient scalability, both vertical and horizontal while also giving us the ability to manage multiple accounts simultaneously using a very user-friendly interface.

What made you choose Layershift as Jelastic service provider?

After testing about 20 Jelastic partners, we decided to stay with Layershift and are fully satisfied with our choice. The quality of network and hardware are exceptional at Layershift. Their support is very efficient, friendly and competent. They offer backups to separate isolated hardware, a full copy every 6 hours, retained for 14 days. Also, they offer complementary services like CDN and Firewall with PCI Compliance. The service they provide is very stable and the prices are also great.

What challenges were you experiencing before using Jelastic?

Earlier we were experiencing performance issues during traffic spikes and increased costs for hosting resource intensive e-commerce websites. In addition, we had to maintain a bunch of accounts with different admin panels and credentials for each customer, so we were seeking for more convenient unified management.

How the costs changed?

About costs, all our customers have been positively impacted and are extremely satisfied. A great example is the store www.westcoast.com.br, the saving is around U$ 6k/month.

Did you face challenges while starting to use Jelastic PaaS?

We had no problems to start using Jelastic, it was really easy. Consulting the documentation a few times, some small clarifications, and I got used to working with it within a week.

What achieved improvements you’d like to highlight?

Using Jelastic has brought many benefits, among the most impactful to us are simplicity and usability. It became much easier to solve various day-to-day problems. Our suggestion to e-commerce projects - don’t lose time, use Jelastic and Be Happy!


PrestaBR is a satisfied Jelastic PaaS customer for over two years now. Require high availability and uptime for your e-commerce websites? Try out Jelastic cloud hosting with automated scaling, clustering and distribution across data centers worldwide.