High Performance Hosting for Businesses as a Key to Customers' Satisfaction

| March 21, 2017

Trendhosting intervieweeThe aim of our work as a cloud hosting vendor is to satisfy the customers' demands with quality product and support (and, of course, to earn on this:) That is why we are extremely happy to receive positive feedbacks about Jelastic PaaS. Some time ago we published an interview with ezCare about migrating to Jelastic from AWS, and now we`d like to provide you the interview with Mustafa Beciragic, CTO at Trendhosting, a Swiss company that offers professional hosting services with Jelastic on top.

Tell us about your company

We are a service provider specialized on high performance hosting, active on the Swiss market since 1997. Our customers are mainly businesses of all sizes running high traffic CMS websites or e-commerce Shops.

What stacks do you use to run the projects of your customers and how they are interconnected?

We have mostly standard PHP stacks provided by Jelastic. Additionally we run Customized Docker Container for additional services (Nginx, ElasticSearch, Sphinx, Varnish).

What were the key reasons to install Jelastic on your capacities and offer to your customers? What features/services attracted you?

It's the flexibility we really like in Jelastic. We can deploy customized environments much faster and fulfill our customer needs in a better and more proficient way. Also, we like that the environments have No Vendor Lock-in - it's a "standard" environment, so it’s always possible to migrate applications to our Jelastic Platform (or back from).

What other hosting solutions did you previously offer?

For special environments we had our selfmade HA Cluster which we now have migrated completely to our Jelastic Platform. But many of the customers have migrated from our Performance Shared Hosting to the Jelastic Platform as the speed and scaling are simply better.

Jelastic is based on containers, did you face any problems while moving your customers projects from VMs to containers? Did you have to rewrite any parts of the application to decompose the projects to separate containers and interconnect them?

That's the best thing, it's a clean Linux Environment at the end of the day so no rewrites or additional work was needed.

What infrastructure do you use for running Jelastic platform and why?

We've deployed Jelastic in two datacenters in Germany and Switzerland, and we plan to open the additional datacenter in Switzerland in middle 2017 (as most of our customers are based in Switzerland and want to host their servers inside the country). We are using Dell and HP servers for Jelastic deployment.

Trendhosting powered by Jelastic

Are you satisfied with performance and support?

The performance of the platform is really great and we realized that the throughput of Magento, Typo3 or WordPress is the highest we had on all platforms.

Since we launched Jelastic in August 2016, we had multiple requests/support cases and the Jelastic always helped out. What is more, all the platform updates and upgrades was worked without any downtimes. For me as a customer, it gives a good sense of feeling that there is a working Support Team you can always rely on.

Your general impression and highlights of using the platform.

We are now more than half a year in production with Jelastic platform, and have already migrated some big customers websites like www.advance.ch (Magento B2B Platform) www.jensen-group.com (Typo3 CMS) and www.amorana.ch (Magento Shop) gaining much more performance. So we can say with all confidence that choosing Jelastic cloud was a right decision for us and all our customers.

Mustafa, thank you for such a superb feedback about Jelastic PaaS!


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