Happy Holidays Season: Achievements of the Year with Jelastic

| December 25, 2014

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit that we say thank you for helping to make 2014 such a wonderful year for Jelastic.
christmas-cardLet us share with you some highlights of Jelastic year, our achievements and success stories:

New Arrivals in the Team

It gives us great pleasure that James Gosling, the creator of the popular programming language Java, has joined the Jelastic team as an Independent Director, and Brazilian Java programmer Bruno Souza is now an official Adviser at Jelastic!

Enlarged Customers List

We’re happy to announce that during 2014 Jelastic signed a number of partnerships all over the globe - public and private cloud, resellers and systems integrators. And we are sure this is the beginning of a long and beneficial relationship. Welcome on board!

Private Cloud Customers, Systems Integrators and Resellers


Commercially Available Hosting Service Providers


Pre-Beta Hosting Service Providers


Technical Achievements

In 2014 Jelastic released four major versions of the product (1.9.3, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.5) providing more and more functionalities and benefits for our customers:

  • Ruby, Python and Node.JS Support
  • Multi Nodes and Automatic Horizontal Scaling
  • Cartridges Support
  • SSH Access
  • Automation via API
  • Environment Transferring
  • Account Collaboration
  • Scalability and Performance Improvements
  • Built-In Marketplace for One-Click Installations

Also recently Jelastic announced the integration with Docker standard based on Parallels Cloud Server. And you’ll be able to try this out at the beginning of the upcoming 2015 year.
All these features and technologies have been requested by many Jelastic customers and partners. And we listened! We plan to continue to provide the best services that have satisfied you in the past and will amaze you in the future.

Positioning and Marketing Updates

This year is also memorable for Jelastic family because of an updated positioning and remarkable redesign.
We announced a new direction to sell our products both to hosters (public cloud) and directly to enterprises (private and hybrid cloud), which was welcomed by our current customers and industry analysts. Jelastic also introduced a new term to the market, Platform-as-Infrastructure (combination of PaaS and IaaS in one solution).
And for sure you noticed the change of our logo and site:

  • The message at our site speaks for itself - “Stop the War between Dev and Ops”. And Jelastic is a great solution that combines PaaS with flexibility for developers and IaaS with full control for system administrators.
  • Our logo represents the fundamental unit of resource in a Jelastic cluster, the “cloudlet”.  The hexagon shape looks like it is in motion signifying Jelastic’s rapid pace of innovation and leadership.  The hexagon is open signifying our commitment to open systems and our zero-code change approach.  Also, when you look at the logo in 3D, it looks like an open box signifying Jelastic “unleashing the open cloud” and fulfilling the anticipation of cloud benefits for enterprises and hosting server providers.

Hope you like all the gifts Jelastic has put you under the Christmas tree this year. We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2015. Stay tuned with Jelastic to get even more the next year!