From Commodity VPS to Unique PaaS and CaaS: eApps Hosting Business Case at Jelastic

| July 13, 2017

Doing business with hosting partners - observing how they grow, seeing their revenue increase - is our biggest pleasure. A great example of a successful service provider is eApps Hosting from the USA. They not only started a new direction of their business with Jelastic but also moved their old-school VPS customers to a secure and scalable PaaS.

Read on this recent interview with Richard Lingsch, the President of eApps Hosting and discover what made this service provider choose Jelastic as the option for their cloud platform strategy and what results they’ve achieved so far. From Commodity VPS to Unique PaaS and CaaS: eApps Hosting Business Case at Jelastic

How do you differ from AWS and other hosting competitors?

I think every hosting company likes to promote the fact that they have excellent customer support and technical assistance, and most hosting companies do a pretty good job these days. However, many buyers of hosting services like to go with the smaller company because they get a more personalized service. We focus on those kinds of customers. They know we`ll be there when they call and that a qualified member of our team will help/consult/assist/guide them as they progress through the growth phases of their business.

What cloud and container platforms have you evaluated?

We actually started with virtual servers, using open source protocol V-server in the late 1990s. It worked pretty well for us, so we were kind of hooked on virtualization at that point. In 2004 we started using Virtuozzo. After a while, we used the OnApp Cloud Management system. We are always seeking to have a better way of delivering virtual servers. We found Jelastic and it immediately caught our eye because we were very interested in the ability to scale automatically. Having a services that can meet changes in demand was a key factor in our decision to start using the Jelastic platform. So, it`s a kind of a progression that we've taken.

Why did you choose Jelastic?

There were several reasons why we chose Jelastic. The primary reason, as I said, was the ability to autoscale. We have customers who have peak usage that could be seasonal or by time or day or based on particular events. The ability to scale on demand is extremely important for these customers. We also have done a lot of Java hosting, and the fact that Jelastic is strong with Java was a big factor as well. We also like the fact that the platform is developer-centric, with a lot of tools and capabilities for developers, because a large percentage of our customers are developers. So these are the main reasons why we chose to use Jelastic.

What infrastructure do you use for running Jelastic platform?

Initially, we went with SoftLayer which was fine but we transitioned to Packet. Our biggest deployment of Jelastic is at one of the Packet data centers. It gives us the ability to focus on our business, while they are taking care of all the infrastructure. So far it has turned out to be a very good marriage and very good decision using the Jelastic platform on Packet.     

Why did you decide to provide several regions for your customers?

Well, we serve a worldwide customer base and it makes sense to deploy Jelastic in multiple regions, to put servers close to our customers. We are also providing geographical load balancing and high availability configurations, so having multiple locations is an essential requirement for that.

What were the reasons to move your VPS customers to Jelastic?

A big reason is to allow us to manage fewer platforms. Another reason is that we wanted to get our customers into a  more secure, up-to-date environment, to minimize the risk of security breaches and also to allow them to take advantage of advanced technology offered by more current versions. These reasons drive us to keep our customers up on a current platform, and we expect to continue migrating customers to Jelastic as part of this process.

How do you see the future for eApps and Jelastic?

We will continue our move into sharing and spanning data and services across physical locations, adding more high availability and disaster recovery services. These are services that we are now providing for some of our leading-edge customers. We expect that other customers will follow and that we also attract new users that want these capabilities. Jelastic is a good fit for our strategy for high availability, disaster recovery, spanning datacenters and putting servers closer to the customer base.   


Richard, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on doing cloud hosting business with Jelastic!

Watch a full video interview.

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