From AWS to Jelastic in Search of Simplicity and Efficiency for Running Magento Clusters

| July 16, 2019

Simone ChinagliaTime is a resource that cannot be overpriced or refund. Nowadays, we have a very strong sense of this and thus keep implementing new methods in order to make technologies work for us and save time for more creative tasks (or just to relax without worries about productions).

We interviewed Simone Chinaglia, a digital nomad addicted to Docker technology and automation of software deployment. He runs the business as “one man band”. That’s why Simone understands the importance of simplification and automation that help to manage complex projects even by a single person without wasting valuable time.

Simone is an independent consultant from Italy who is working with e-commerce projects worldwide helping them to launch on Magento clusters, gain reliability and maintain the system throughout the lifecycle. Let’s see what challenges were faced and solved on his way to simplicity and efficiency.

Expensive Complexity

One of the core problems often highlighted by the clients is expensive old systems that requires a full DevOps team for a proper management: developers for running applications, sysadmins for configuring servers, test engineer for checking and tracking the system, etc. One of my e-commerce clients had a team of 11 tech specialists focused on maintaining the whole project to keep it in a working state. And it was a total waste of valuable human resources!

Moving to Simplicity and Efficiency

At some point, I understood that Amazon Web Services is not suitable for this type of customers and they need the platform that can automate and ease most of the processes. “Keep it simple” is the mantra I always have in mind being a developer. 

So we decided to move from AWS to Jelastic PaaS. It was a non-pain migration (fortunately). I only edited some rows in the app.php due to the change of environments but no other re-configurations were required.

Already in 3 days of tracking, I realized that Jelastic cloud is a perfect match for our business, as well as the most innovative and technologically advanced partner that fully covers the needs of customers.

The clients’ e-commerce projects are running in Magento clusters that are pre-configured by Jelastic for automatic installation and scaling. These environments are well optimised by default and at the same time open for any possible customizations. 

magento topology

Earlier, there was a big challenge to run Magento code directly from the Bitbucket production branch without restart or any performance breaches. Basically, we have 5 branches on Bitbucket but only 1 is for live production. Now when I push the code to the repository, Jelastic platform detects the file changes and deploys the code automatically with zero downtime. 

The projects are running on highly-secure and reliable infrastructure from Infomaniak, the leading hosting company in Switzerland. Jelastic has a wide network of service providers in different countries but we chose Infomaniak as they are our proven partner starting from 2015.

From price prospective, we felt all benefits of Jelastic “pay-per-use” billing model in combination with automatic vertical scaling, hibernation of inactive workloads and running applications in containers on bare metal. With AWS the infrastructure cost was about 1,200 euros/month per each project as we had to buy large VMs to cover expected load spikes but kept them underutilized most of the time. After migration to Jelastic, my clients can launch the needed Magento-based project with about 80 euros/month. The price increases temporary only during load growth when more resources are actually consumed, and it is performed automatically with no need to right-size servers or restart containers.

To sum up, I can just say - it seems I found “my system” 🙂

Treasure your time to enjoy life! Leave complexity and routine for Jelastic PaaS. Get started with one of our service providers or request private cloud installation.

From AWS to Jelastic PaaS

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