Exciting Week!

| February 14, 2012

There is so much going on this week, but I'll keep it short.

I'm not even sure where to start considering that if I say too much... I'll be leaking some very important announcements before they are supposed to go out.

But... I've never been a "by the book" kind of guy.

Parallels Summit

This week, starting today, we are at the Parallels Summit in Orlando. We didn't choose the location, but we like the idea. (I'll be posting photos on Facebook as we go)

A few of us from Jelastic will be speaking--Ruslan, our CEO; Dmitry, our Chief Technical Strategist; and me.

The Good Stuff...

Now for the stuff I said I would be leaking...

  • We are releasing our pricing this week--maybe even today
  • We are announcing support for another huge product
I know I said there was more, but that's it for now.
Be on the lookout here on the blog, FB and Twitter for the announcements. I'll make sure that you are the first to see them.