Environment Sharing in the Cloud

| December 27, 2012

Software development is a complex activity that requires a group of individuals working effectively as a team. Teams of programmers can develop large applications much more quickly than an individual. Breaking an application down into components or modules and assigning those modules to different team members can bring the delivery time down from years to months. Studies have shown that the performance of an effective team exceeds that of individuals acting independently. The success of software depends on its quality, and work in team directly improves quality in numerous ways. When several developers work together design pattern quality improves as the team develops short, simple, and easy to maintain code with fewer bugs. Finding software defects in advance helps to prevent difficult problems down the road. Complexity often arises in programming, and more minds working to solve a problem together can see more options and draw conclusions more quickly than one. These are simple truths and they really work effectively. In the development team every member should understand what other members are doing, should be ready to take some of their tasks in case of necessity and should be a good communicator. That's why Jelastic allows you to share your cloud environment with other members of your team.

Let's examine in short how to use this feature. It's pretty easy, here's a short description:

User who created an environment becomes its Owner and can share the environment with other users, and specify corresponding access rights for each of them. Owners have full control over the environment. Admins can also make any changes except being able to delete the environment. Users with View rights can see what is happening to the environment but cannot make any changes.

Note: The charges for the environment are applied only to the owner of this environment (the other users of shared environment are not charged). New users created (even just to share an environment with) will have trial status by default, so the normal trial limitations set by the hosting provider (time / free credit) will be applied, and the user will be deactivated after trial as normal unless the account is converted to a paid one.

To share your environment, just come though the steps below:

1. Open the environment's settings.


2. In section Account management, add another Jelastic user account (Email) and specify the level of access (Right).


So now you can work together with other members of your team on your cloud environment. Enjoy!

Hope you find this feature useful. Thanks for your attention!

Prefer to work alone? Please tell us why in the comments below.