Jelastic PaaS Now Available in Caribbean Region with Elasticserver Hosting Partner

| August 5, 2020

Platform-as-a-Service with infrastructure in Bogota, Colombia and Miami, the USA

Jelastic Multi-Cloud PaaS provider announced a strategic partnership with Elasticserver Co, a hosting company located in Colombia, specialized in virtualization of applications and cloud services for over 10 years. 

"We are happy to be a part of the Jeastic Multi-Cloud family. Jelastic PaaS installed on our infrastructure will help us to significantly improve the quality of our product and service portfolio," said Juan Esteban Saldarriaga, GM Elasticserver.

The Caribbean and the Antilles region is a strategic geographical point where hundreds of submarine fiber optic cables converge, interconnecting more than 15 countries. For now, Jelastic will be available within two data centers in this location: 

  • Miami, the USA with Tire III certification 
  • Bogotá, Colombia with Tire IV certification

In the near future, Elasticserver plans to open three additional regions in Colombian cities: Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla.

“Jelastic availability in many countries across various continents is one of the strong sides that attracts people who need advanced cloud technologies with local support and low latency. We are glad to reach Caribbean region and start cooperation with Elasticserver on providing Platform-as-a-Service for developers, digital agencies, software companies and other businesses,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO.

The customers of Elasticserver now get access to a wide choice of features within a turnkey Platform-as-a-Service: 

  • Intuitive developer web portal for easy provisioning, updating and managing environments
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling according to applications load
  • Support of microservices and tradition applications with zero code change deploy
  • More than 50 certified container runtimes out-of-the-box
  • Enterprise WordPress hosting with pre-configured optimization
  • Multi-tenant Kubernetes and Docker containers support
  • Auto-clustering for automated replication configuration of application servers,  databases, storage and load balancing runtimes 
  • Multi-region traffic distribution and management unification
  • Open API, CLI and SSH access for deeper containers management
  • Integration with Git, SVN, Continuous Integration and Delivery tools 
  • Comprehensive billing engine with granular pay-per-use model, 
  • Advanced access control policies and collaboration tools
  • Built-in metering, monitoring and troubleshooting utilities

Give a try to the advanced Jelastic PaaS using a free trial on Elasticserver infrastructure housed in Caribbean region.