eApps Hosting Scales Business with Jelastic Cloud on Packet Infrastructure

| November 29, 2016

Today we are having an interview with Richard A. Lingsch, President of eApps, our US hosting partner. This Jelastic Cloud Union member is a good example of a hosting provider with an advanced customer support level, well-performing infrastructure, and fast growing business.

Recently eApps added the third region to their Jelastic cluster using Packet hardware. So now we’d like to share their performance and business results as a multi-region provider, as well as to tell their story with details about the challenges they faced and the solutions that led to success.


 Tell us about your company. When was it created? What are you doing?

The company was founded in 1986 as Strategic Systems Consulting, Inc., providing IT consulting services to companies that wanted high-quality professional assistance without the high price tag. In the mid 1990’s the company evolved into a web development company and launched a web hosting service in April of 1996 under the d.b.a. eApps Hosting.

Our roots as web developers lead us into offering web hosting for Java-based business applications. eApps Hosting was one of the first three hosting companies to provide Tomcat hosting and today we continue to have a strong Java hosting offering. We have,of course, branched out to support PHP and other popular web development technologies. To this day we remain committed to serving the needs of web developers all over the world.eApps Jelastic Packet

How many customers do you currently have?

We serve thousands of customers throughout every time zone and have an in-house 24/7 technical support operation to provide continuous coverage.

What challenges you wanted to solve with Jelastic solution? And what results you’ve got?

One of the biggest challenges we faced was providing an automatically scalable service. Many of our customers have usage peaks by the time of day, by season, for specific events or activities and other factors. These customers do not want to pay for resources that they are not using and do not want to deal with the hassle of upgrading and downgrading their service. Jelastic handles automatic scaling better than any platform we have seen. Our customers receive not only a great value on computing resources but also better performance and uptime.

Another challenge we have is differentiating our service from AWS and other large players. Since most of our customers are web developers we wanted to provide more effective tools to boost their productivity and make it easier for them to deploy their app. With Jelastic, we now have a unique and competitive hosting environment for developers.

What are the main features your customers value using Jelastic?

Those would be ease of deployment, and the consistent quality of service made possible by auto-scaling of resources with no downtime to meet demand.

What were the reasons to open a new region using Packet infrastructure?

Packet scored the highest in our evaluation of bare metal providers. Their service performed well and is cost effective. Also, their technical staff is very competent and supportive.

Where are your data centers located? Do you plan to add more regions?

In addition to our New York Metro location with Packet, we have a data center presence in Atlanta, Georgia, and Richmond, Virginia. We are planning to open another Packet location in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, possibly followed by one in California, the USA.eApps PaaS datacenters

What new business opportunities you’ve got with Packet infrastructure?

We are presently migrating customers from an older VPS platform to Jelastic. Since these customers are more comfortable using a conventional control panel, we have built a Docker image for an elastic VPS that includes the ISPmanager control panel (by ISPsystems). This is a good stepping stone to the Jelastic platform. Now we are promoting this approach as an auto-scaling VPS solution to the general hosting market. We are also working on advanced services that take advantage of multiple geographic data center locations.

Is Packet solution cost effective for you?

Bare metal service providers are very expensive. However, they are providing the full infrastructure layer, which offsets the higher cost. We are still analyzing the cost effectiveness of the bare metal provider approach, but are optimistic that we will reach the economies of scale required to achieve our financial goals.

What are the performance results of Packet infrastructure? Are you and your users satisfied with the quality of this hardware?

Yes, we are pleased with the performance.

What are the core benefits of eApps cloud platform on Packet compared to AWS, Azure, Google clouds?

To the customer, once they commit to the Jelastic PaaS platform, what they want is reliable, high performing service at a reasonable price. Customers do not focus so much on the actual data center. As for us, we can move more quickly with Packet because we no longer have to make long-term capital investments. Being nimble is a necessary aspect when competing against the big providers.

Your general impression and highlights of using the Jelastic platform on top of Packet

We are very pleased. Our Jelastic PaaS service on Packet performs well and has been solid operationally. The team at Packet has been very responsive and supportive.


That was a great talk! Thank you, Richard, for the informative answers and for being a valuable partner. Find out the case study.

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