Domains and Subdomains – All the Queries Resolved

| July 24, 2017

Setting up or building a blog or a website is often accompanied with the option of choosing a domain name. It is one of the decisions one has to make, and it involves determining whether to use a domain, a subdomain or going with a free option that some platforms offer. However, it happens that not many people know the difference between a domain and a subdomain and often ends up with complicated URLs for their websites. Today we get to know what the two mean and what one should be aware before buying one for their business or personal

What is a domain?

A domain is a string of a name that defines a website and is formed by following a specific procedure outlined in the Domain Names System (DNS). For anything communicated through the Internet, be it a website, a server computer or anything else, there is an Internet protocol that defines and makes it distinctive. Such is a domain name. In short, if you still don't get it, is that a domain name is a full address of a website that is independent of other domain names. For example,

Domain names are case sensitive, and if inappropriately written, it will give an error or lead you to a different page when loaded on the Internet. However, most domain names are written in lowercase and take many forms. Some of the popular domain string names include .com .info .net .org .edu among others. These domain names can, however, be given by a provider depending on the type of the website or business and or a geographical location. Many organizations, for example, will choose .org, governments .gov and some academic institutions take the name .edu.

What about subdomains?

Now that you know enough about a domain, it shouldn't be difficult to know what a subdomain is. Most domains have secondary levels; the levels are the subdomains. For instance, if I purchase a domain name with the address for my e-commerce website and to link a product I incorporate a direct connection to a particular page, then from my primary address, I will get an address like http:// The is my subdomain.

What is the difference between a domain and a subdomain?

domain and subdomainFrom the two definitions of domains and subdomains, it is easy to tell the difference between the two. To summarize their difference, if the address looks like this, that is a domain. But if it sounds like this,, then that is a subdomain.

What should you consider before buying a domain or a subdomain?

The are many Web hosting companies and services online that sell domains to individuals or businesses who've just built a website. A good example is the Shopify domain services that offer various domain names. Deciding on the name of your company might be easy but, is it easy to decide on what domain name to purchase? Perhaps yes, maybe not. All in all, following are some of the points to note beforehand.

How easy is it to read or remember?

easy domainIn the world of online marketing, priority is given to simplicity and how easy it is for your site is to be remembered. If your URL is simple, short and precise, customers will find it easy to type or keep it in memory for later when they need to browse again.

Again, creating a URL that is easy to read and doesn't offer room for confusion will still make it easy for a user to remember. Ensuring that the word making up your domain or subdomain run together is crucial and highly appealing. It will also do you right to steer of slang. Knowing your audience in advance helps in this.

Can my domain or subdomain hint on my business?

The answer to this question is yes, and it is one of the factors to consider before buying a domain or a subdomain name. It is always important to let people know in advance what your website is about just by looking at your domain extension.

By hinting on your business, it doesn't mean going ahead and constructing a full sentence as your URL, rather choose an extension that is associated with what you do. There are quite some extensions to consider for example, for business people the extension .biz is appropriate, if it is an organization .org is enough to hint what you are all about. New domains have nowadays emerged for example .net, .info, shop among others. You can further choose from them.

Is it unique? Not copyrighted?

unique domainsIt might happen that you can choose and register a domain name that is similar to an existing one somewhere. The related blog or website may be stagnant or offline for a while. Going ahead and registering it will defy the copyright and trademark policies, which will prove to be troublesome for you.

The trademark and copyright issues will entangle you in a mess that will cost you a lot. You should do a research and see if the domain or subdomain name you chose exists or not. Hence, you decide on its simplicity and making it memorable.

Luckily, some Web host services offer a platform where you can search and register a domain name successfully without any problems.

Is it relevant to my SEO?

We all know how important SEO is to our websites. Many are looking to rank highly on the search engines and those with ideal URLs that are relevant to the content of their website, are at an advantage. It is, therefore, imperative that one considers the relevance of the domain or the subdomain they choose to what their sites are all about.

Keywords are also essential for SEO. If the choice of a domain name that you chose pertains to some parts of your site, you are in luck. You rank high on the SEO ratings, and this means your site will receive many subscribers or visitors. This means that for any content that you write, some words will naturally show on your website and attract reader’s attention.


A domain name is no domain if it isn't memorable, simple and appealing to your customers. Before spending your money on purchasing a domain or a subdomain, ensure that you have considered all the possible points there are to make your website one of a kind. How you should stress on finding out if the name you chose doesn't infringe on the rights of others, is something one can't even begin to reiterate its importance. You just have to if you want to be on the safe side and ensure your website is up and running in no time.

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